Sshhhh......The Klaymaker is going to happen on Friday.

This Warrior team is laser focused now. Nobody thinks they can beat the Rockets without Durant. 

The Rockets ain't shit & until they win something....ANYthing, I'll bet against them. 

I see a lot of similarities between the Sixers and Rockets.  Both teams seem to think they’ve earned the right to run their mouths instead of letting their play speak for itself.   Pretenders wanting to be contenders.  

Save the drama for your mama 

As for Golden State, people do realize they won it all without Durant, right?  It’s not like Curry and Green and Klay can’t rise up and get another one. 

I'm skeptical on GSW winning without Durant mostly because the depth from that 2014-2015 squad is gone, plus a few players are not what they were back then.   Maybe it's just my perception, but I don't think Green, Iguodala, Livingston, or Bogut are what they were back then and of course Barnes is long gone. 

Curry and Thompson certainly can put the fear of God into anyone when they are hot, but that team is definitely very beatable if Durant isn't there.  Heck, I think they're beatable even if he is there.  Now.... get back a healthy Durant AND a healthy Cousins.... forget it, they're not getting beat.  But these injuries do appear to have opened a door for some other teams.  

The team that will suit up tonight has 6 of the 8 rotation guys that played on the Pre-Durant title team. These 8 guys played more than 10 minutes a game in the playoffs in 2014-15 and 2015-16. 

Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Livingston, Bogut, and Leandro Barbosa

I think the Rockets should be favored, but don't write off this group. It will all come down to whether Kevon Looney and McKinnie can play close enough to the Barnes/Barbosa level in one of the next two games.

Looney can't shoot outside so that's a huge drop-off in terms of spacing the floor from Barnes who is excellent 3 point shooter for his size (although he did choke in the Finals a few times). The drop-off from Barnes to Looney isn't that much defensively and Looney is a much better rebounder (and a decent matchup against Capela). 

It may come down to whether McKinnie (or maybe Quin Cook) can hit a couple wide open 3s. That's not out of the question - but will likely be easier playing at home. 

Pikes Peak posted:

To be fair, it's not the same Bogut or Iggy.  The big guy was out of the league and the finals MVP has lost a bit of tread.  I still lean their way tho.  Just hoping for a seventh game.

Bogut hasn’t changed much. Iggy is key as he’s the Harden defender. 

Keeping steph out of foul trouble will be critical. 

YATittle posted:

Just don't think with Curry's injury the Warriors will survive the Rockets. Just a hunch.

Assuming you meant Durant. Durant went out with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. 4th started 72-72 and GS pulled away. 

Harden was given a red carpet to swipe a game in Oakland and he shit down both legs for 12 minutes. If Harden wins MVP it’s a mother ****ing traveshamokery. Durant and Yannis are easily the best NBA players today. By far. They are completely unguardable without the ref dependent help Harden looks for on every possession.

GS can get past Denver or Portland without Durant but Its going to be a battle to get past the Bucks. 

Assuming the Bucks advance to the Finals and face the Warriors I give them a decent chance of winning it all.  Why?

The Bucks have home court advantage.  They also have a deeper and better bench.  They play killer defense.  And they’ve already beaten GS so it’s not like they are afraid of them.  

Plus, the Bucks have 34. Durant and Curry are really good but GA is the man. 

MichiganPacker2 posted:
MichiganPacker2 posted:

How can the Rockets ever recover from this? 

Dantoni is toast. He may last another year or two in Houston, but what can you even say? 

The Rockets roster doesn't compare to the Golden State roster. Not a Dantoni fan - think he's a whiner- but Golden State is stacked.

Good series. 

Packdog posted:
MichiganPacker2 posted:
MichiganPacker2 posted:

How can the Rockets ever recover from this? 

Dantoni is toast. He may last another year or two in Houston, but what can you even say? 

The Rockets roster doesn't compare to the Golden State roster. Not a Dantoni fan - think he's a whiner- but Golden State is stacked.

Good series. 

Kevon Looney outplayed Capela. 

For a organization that was once known as “clutch city” they went out like a lamb.  Unlike the 90s team with Hakeem this current version looks disinterested and plays with zero heart and toughness. 

How the Rockets didn’t capitalize in game 5 or 6 with the Durant injury I’ll never understand.  It won’t ever be easier and they can’t use CPIII injuries as an excuse for failing yet again. 

Chris Paul is either jinxed or just not as good as advertised.   If people think Harden gets the MVP over Giannis you are nuts.  If he’s not getting the calls he’s a different player.  And then there’s Dantoni.  He just seems like he’s a fraud.  

Golden State played like champs and once again the Rockets played like chumps.  

The Rockets had a chance up until the moment that Harden got that push foul on him bringing the ball up. He maintains his composure and they can either pull even maybe go up one. After that hey couldn't get it close enough to do any damage until 2.6 seconds left.

That's cuz Harden is a whiny bitch - play the game a-hole!

Chris Paul, played fantastic for the first time all series. His post game quote was great. "Shumpert told us....'Make the other guy beat you'...Well they damn sure did!"

Paul Pierce promised Houston would win by “15 PLUS!!!” last night. 

Maybe the worst 10 day stretch any sports commentator has ever had. And that’s saying a lot. Which came on the heels of him saying he had a better career than Dwayne Wade. 

He hasn’t just been wrong. He’s been monumentally wrong on virtually everything. 

Barkley hasn’t been much better. But he did say Milwaukee will be NBA Champions after Durant’s injury. That isn’t a terrible prediction. 

Pierce is a fukking idot.  To make matters worse he’s an annoying beeotch.  James Harden should take notes.  I have no idea why ESPN keeps PP around because he’s a walking and talking train wreck. 

Jalen Rose is solid.  Chauncey Billups and Bruce Bowen have good takes.  I liked Chris Webber on the last Bucks broadcast.  

Chuck is full of shit a lot but I’ll tell you what he drives the ratings and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.   He’s been fairly accurate so far on his takes on the Bucks.  Hope it follows through :-) 

The article summed up what has been rumored or reported about Chris Paul most of his career.  While he tries to project a wholesome “I’m a great teammate and competitor” image to the media you hear of his actions that make him sound like a petty or self absorbed jerk.  

Not that I’m a huge Curry or Green fan but it just doesn’t seem like a very smart move to openly disrespect them like that.  Good to see it backfire on CPIII because I can’t stand that guy.  Enjoy Cancun! 

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