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The season is upon us. How will it end for the mighty Green Bay Packers?

The young bucks on the oline concern me early on but they’ll be better for it in the long run. Excellent team as a whole playing a tough schedule. They’ll be better for it when it counts though…

I got a final record of 12-5 with a SB championship.

What say you?

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bitter sweet year with this possibly being Rodgers last year. I expect him to play better than he ever has if that is even possible. He is on a mission. Maybe by the time the year is over, management will sign him to a long extension that makes him the QB until he decides to retire. SB Championship or bust. I think he does it. Championship game will be GB and LA RAms. GB wins tne then beats Buffalo in the Super Bowl. Go Packers!!

12-5. I think the OL may struggle early in the year with some new starters and with Bakh out.

The final result depends on how good Bakh is coming back from the ACL tear. If he's normal by the playoffs, it completely changes the offense.

Same results as last year unless Gary literally turns it loose on defense to cover up that huge hole in the middle of the defense.

I fully expect the likes of Lancaster and Lowry to be “solid” during the regular season but then get their ass whipped by playoff caliber teams.

I’m resting my hopes that Slaton can be a contributor and Gary is a terror.

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I'm on the 13-4 or 14-3 fence but I need to see 3 or 4 games from this new defense first. You know the offense is going to be fine but if the defense can force more turnovers and if the ST units aren't shit this could be the year.

The new punter might actually be worth that low draft pick assuming he does well enough holding on FG's.

-Very difficult schedule.
-Missing stud LT for more than a third of the season.
-Inexperienced C replacing ProBowler.
-New defensive scheme and as usual, uncertainty at MLB.
-Suspect STs coverage and return game with new P and Holder.
-Did I mention a really tough schedule, especially the 7 of the first 11 on the road.

I think any prediction of Wins more than 10 or 11 is really being a bit of a homer.  I think the offense is gonna be really good, but they might start a bit “hit or miss” given the inexperience of the O-line and the fact the virtually all of the skill position players sat on the sidelines during the preseason.  And then there’s the suspect defense with a new DC. Might take some time to get in rhythm.

I guess we’ll see, but I’ll go 10-7 which wins the division.

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Is it too late to predict the Pack to win the NFC North ... again ... before bowing out of the playoffs short of the Super Bowl ... again?

The NFC North has been so consistently crappy that it is hard to know if the 2021 collective foursome will be the worst ever, but I'd say they've got a better than punchers chance.