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Bert "Do me a Favor" not charged...yet.   But certainly a bad look. 

We're not getting the whole story as the Bert payoff makes no sense. 

If no further damning evidence surfaces then Bert simply makes mention of scheduling snafus and returns all $ with matching donation to make it right for poor folks in Mississippi. 

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@Fedya posted:

How many speeches would he have had to skip out on to get that $1.1M, and why did people keep hiring him after he skipped out the first two or three times?

According to the Clarion Ledger, he received 2 payments - $500k & $600k for 3 engagements which he did not show up for.  

MS welfare scandal audit: Money went to cars, family, paying Brett Favre for speeches he never gave

, Mississippi Clarion Ledger
@Dr._Bob posted:

Could he be impeached from the Hall of Fame?  Could there be a trial?  Could fans testify?

Depends. If he is a registered Republican, he will probably end up broke and in jail with Deanna refusing to do conjugal visits. If he is a registered democrat, he will be summoned to an ice cream party at Nancy Pelosis house with other guests of honors that include Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Jussy Smullet, Al Franken, Anthony Weiner, and Bob Menendez. Harvey Weinstein may make an appearance by Zoom but is at least scheduled to send all the women to the party with whom he had "consensual" sex.