So to me this week we will find out exactly how good UW is.  Sparty comes to town for a 330 EST kickoff in Madison.  Currently ESPN gives UW a 75% chace to win in their matchup predictor and Bucky is favored by 10.5 points with an over/under of 40 points.

I wonder which MSU team will show up?  a beaten up bunch after the O$U game or a angry team that will give it their all.  I also worry a little bit about UW getting some love now.  To me many times when they get a lot of attention they crap the bed in spots like this.

I don't mean to be Captain Obvious but this is a game that Coan is going to have to step up.  MSU plays some pretty stout defense so UW is going to have to be balanced.

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A minimum of 210 yards from scrimmage and 3 TDS?   

Michigan State is 22nd in the country defensively in rush yards allowed and is allowing 18PPG which is 21st in the country.  That includes a game at Ohio State with an explosive offense.  Coming into the Buckeyes game they were only allowing about 50 yards a game on the ground. 

I would not take Michigan State lightly. 

I know Taylor and the OL will do their part. My concern is if and when good teams gear up to counter that ground attack can Coan step up and take charge in the passing game?   

The good news is Michigan State doesn’t have a dynamic offense so I expect the defense to keep them honest but we can’t keep relying on Taylor and the defense to bail them out every week.  

The Badgers have a pretty decent WR group but it doesn’t matter if the QB can’t get them the ball or make big plays.  Hopefully that starts to change but so far there’s nothing that leads me to believe Jack Coan is that guy.