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Matt Ryan completes a pass to the Vikings 3 with 24 seconds left in the 1st half with a TO remaining.
At that point you let the clock run down to just under 20 seconds then burn that TO. Gives you 3 shots at throwing for a TD. If itโ€™s not there on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you throw it away leaving 4-5 seconds on the clock. Kick the Fg.

instead. Matt kept the TO. Rushed everyone to the line, ran a play and threw it 20 yards out of the end zone. 9 seconds left. Tried a running play. Didnโ€™t work. TO. Then kicked the FG.

Matt Ryan Football GPA. 0.00

@PackerHawk posted:

So Kirkland has thrown 14 balls and 3 went to the Falcons? My God.

Cousins has 10 interceptions this season and has thrown 26 in 35 games for the Vikings.

Cousins almost has to play for them next year as it would be a 41 million dollar cap hit to cut him (31 million cap hit to keep him).

What I hadn't realized was that he also has this clause in the contract.

  • 2022 salary fully guarantees on the 3rd league day of 2021 (injury guaranteed now)

So, I think what that means is that if he is the VIkings QB next year they will automatically guarantee his 2022 salary of 35 million.