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I hate the Saints so much. Blah!!


Lots of reasons.  Mostly a family thing.  But I also think Brees is great but Peyton is a douche.  For many seasons, that guy would call pass plays in blow out wins just to pad Brees' numbers  It would happen all the time.  Not a lot of respect for that guy.  And while I get the whole "if you don't want the other team to score, make a stop attitude", I just think it's unnecessary.  I really think Peyton is a jag!  Mostly it's a family thing though.

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That just saved you from a throat punch.

I can take it.

You two need to get a room and.....wrestle it out. Or whatever it is you two do.

YA Tittle thinks his devious plan would go like this:

In reality, it would go more like this:

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