The Farm, 2018

It will be interesting to see what Brinson turns into now that he's gone.  When I saw him with the big league team last year, he didn't overly impress me, but that said he probably was just too young and unpolished to make an immediate impact.

Maybe the Brewers will someday regret letting him go, but it sounds like the guy they got from the Marlins will definitely help them now and for another few years.

Where are Ray and Ortiz? 

Brinson certainly has the most star potential but looked overmatched at times.  Harrison made a leap in lower level ball but I saw him play in Appleton and he looked totally lost.  

Tough to project what these guys "might" be down the road but to Yelich is already where we think Brinson could be and he's signed for 4 more years.  

Law believes that Woodruff and Brett Phillips are the most likely players on this list to have an MLB impact in 2018 and suggests that both could make the team out of Spring Training.

But but but...... Woodruff is rated the Brewers 4th best prospect and Phillips is the 10th best.  

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