The Farm, 2018

It will be interesting to see what Brinson turns into now that he's gone.  When I saw him with the big league team last year, he didn't overly impress me, but that said he probably was just too young and unpolished to make an immediate impact.

Maybe the Brewers will someday regret letting him go, but it sounds like the guy they got from the Marlins will definitely help them now and for another few years.

Where are Ray and Ortiz? 

Brinson certainly has the most star potential but looked overmatched at times.  Harrison made a leap in lower level ball but I saw him play in Appleton and he looked totally lost.  

Tough to project what these guys "might" be down the road but to Yelich is already where we think Brinson could be and he's signed for 4 more years.  

Law believes that Woodruff and Brett Phillips are the most likely players on this list to have an MLB impact in 2018 and suggests that both could make the team out of Spring Training.

But but but...... Woodruff is rated the Brewers 4th best prospect and Phillips is the 10th best.  


Bruce: Does Corbin Burnes project as a top of the rotation starter or more of a mid? Should I be optimistic about the Brewers young starting pitching with Burnes, Woodruff and Peralta? 
Keith Law: I think he’s more of a #2 starter, above league average, not someone who’s top 15 in MLB. I think Woodruff is a mid-rotation guy. Never a big Peralta fan – he’s too dependent on one pitch and the deception it generates.

Nate (Seattle): What’s your thoughts about Orlando Arcia’s bat? Is there still hope of him being an above average regular? 
Keith Law: I’m still a buyer. I see an above average regular.

Jared: I know Hiura didn’t hit for you while at the AFL, but do you think he is a future star with the bat? 
Keith Law: Yeah, I am not really worried about it. Every scout I’ve ever asked about him has said they believe he’ll hit.

Ted: Are you a believer in Corey Ray still? His hit tool was awful, but his other tools seemed to bounce back last year. 
Keith Law: I didn’t see him in 2018 (I saw him a few times in 2017), but scouts who did told me he was selling out for power, so the K rate was high but he posted the high HR total. That’s not a great formula for long-term success and also not the hitter I thought he’d become.

Not a Keith Law fan here, but a little bit more now that I know he doesn't like Betsy DeVos either

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