How long can Mike Moustakis continue the way he is playing?  To think he could have signed with any team but they all overlooked him, I'm glad the Brewers came to their sences and signed him.   He has solidified the 2nd base position and filled in at third when Shaw went down.   They better not piss around, they need to get him signed to a long term deal soon. 

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You maybe go two years on Moose. Long-term contracts (over 3 years) for anyone on the other side of 30 generally end poorly.

I think teams are finally learning from situations like Miguel Cabrera's contract with the Tigers (who will still own Cabrera 124 million dollars through 2023) that was signed when he was 31. 


Moose and Shaw are basically the same player. Shaw is a year younger with less big league experience. 

Right now Moose is rocking but everyone gets on hot streaks. He may just turn into Aguilar over the 2nd half and then what? 

I think you ride out both guys and see what happens.

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Enjoy him this year. No way he’s back or extended.

Kind of tough to say when he's so close to Braun and Yelich. They are super tight friends, practically neighbors in offseason, and the Moose likes MKE. The guy is playing lights out right now. If he gets a ring this year? he just might want to re-up, and Stearns may feel the same.

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