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So far, we have:

- D’Antoni out in Houston

- Jim Boylen out in Chicago

- Donovan out in OKC (hired by Bulls)

- Alvin Gentry out in New Orleans

- Brett Brown out in Philly

- Nate McMillan out in Indiana

- Kenny Atkinson out in Brooklyn

- Steve Nash hired by Brooklyn

The Honeymoon is over in Boston, so that’s something to watch- and I don’t think Portland is going to stick with Stotts with guys like Doc Rivers and D’Antoni available. Would gladly take Atkinson or Brown on the Bucks staff. 

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Sixers would be interesting- Rivers seems like a coach that can get you to a certain place, but not over the hump. Since he won it with the Celtics, he’s been pretty bad in the playoffs. But if anyone is going to greatness out of Embiid, it could be Rivers. 

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