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Coming off a sweep of the Nats, the Brewers get the Tigers at home. Burnes goes today, which probably means the Brewers will get shut out.

Brewers put two guys on to start the second only to see Hiura ground into a double play. Since getting called back up on May 24th, Hiura is 1 for 18 (a single) with 2 walks and 9 strikeouts. He was feasting on Triple-A pitching, but is back to hitting like a pitcher at the MLB level. I'm not sure how much more they can afford to keep sending him out there given how bad he is on defense as well.

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@ammo posted:

Really feel bad for Corbin Burnes.  With a 52 innings pitched giving up only 2 HR and a 2.24 ERA he deserves better than a 2-4 record.  I hope he doesn't get down on himself.

It will be interesting to see how voters for things like All-Star games and Cy Youngs view him. He probably won't make the All-Star team because Woodruff and Hader are already almost locked and they won't take 3 Brewer pitchers, but he should be top 10 in Cy Young votes if the season ended now.

The long-term evaluation of pitchers for the Hall of Fame will also have to change (I'm not saying Burnes is HOF bound). Take this example.

This pitcher is about to turn 33 years old and has a career record of 74-53. He has started 191 games in his career with no relief appearances. In his previous 76 years, he's been in the top 8 of Cy Young voting 6 times (and won twice) and won Rookie of the Year in another year. In his worst year, he had an ERA of 3.04. Let's say he has another 4 good years which would take him to almost age 38 and ends up with something like 120 wins and 70 losses over a 12-year career. Is this guy a HOFer? The pitcher is Jacob DeGrom.

It used to be you needed to win 300 games or strikeout 3000 guys to ensure you got in as a starting pitcher. There were exceptions (Sandy Koufax), but they weren't the norm. Nobody active will get to 300 wins in their career, and 200 will be a reach for most of them. There are only 7 guys with more than 150 wins and Kershaw is the youngest of those at 33.

The point is that the way everyone evaluates starting pitching has completely changed over the last 10-20 years. How many guaranteed HOF pitchers are there playing right now? There might be only 3 first-ballot guys (Verlander, Scherzer, and Kershaw who will all hit 3,000 strikeouts) with a handful of other guys that get consideration (Greinke, Bumgartner, and Wainwright). There are no pitchers under 30 that have more than 61 wins.

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