Viewing Recommendation: ESPN 30 for 30: The Two Bills

Just a great behind the scenes story of Bill Parcells and Bill Bellicheck, all the drama, the highs and lows and the funny Bob Kraft tidbit that if he had not been able to hire BB for coach of the Patriots his second choice was none other than Dom Capers. Amazing how well BB did in Cleveland considering its long dark history as the Factory of Sadness.


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Watched this yesterday. Agree, it is phenomenal. Hearing the Giant players -- LT and Harry Carson in the lead -- initially diss Belichick because "he wasn't a player" provides a useful reminder as to what players respond to.

Also adds texture to what is going on behind the scenes in NE right now. Kraft isn't really any different than most of these billionaire owners. He is luckier than hell that Parcells agreed, for Belichick's sake, to let BB go to NE.

A fascinating look at all these old bulls. 

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