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I hear there are some privacy concerns with Windows 10, that can be mitigated if you know how to circumvent them. Just curious as to what our tech experts think on 10 and the new Edge browser, that replaces IE? My 8 or 9  years old PC might conk out at any time. I see you can still buy Windows 7 machines (but MS wont be supporting 7 after a few more years), and I dont think I'd ever go Windows 8.1, so is 10 worth it?

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"The save to the download directory"  is the default setting  in all the windows browsers, opera, chrome, ff and edge.......but good news, these settings are easy to change.  If u are still using Firefox,  

1. single click Firefox in the upper left hand corner of the browser

2. In the box that pops up, click OPTIONS,   and to the right click OPTIONS again

3. In the left pane, single click GENERAL

4. Scroll down to DOWNLOADS

5. Click  the box   " ALWAYS ASK ME WHERE TO SAVE FILES "

          your done  


all the browsers can be changed to this setting....good luck





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