France will be the host country,  the matches run for 1 month, June 7 thru July 7

The defending champions ( USA )  who last hoisted the World Cup trophy, say they  are not going to France to defend that title, - they are going to get another one.  now you're talkin.

Team USA first match Tuesday vs Thailand                                                                   time: 2:00 pm                                                                                                                     tv: FOX

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Thanks SKULLY.  I think the US won that one too, 3-0 if I heard correctly. 

I have no problem in a professional game when a team runs up the score.  When a certain MLB manager was asked why he kept scoring runs in a game against the Pirates (the final score was something like 16-3 I believe) the manager replied, "they (the Pirates) made no promises to not score more runs than we had". 

Lucky as hell to beat Spain. Jill Ellis has done a shit job developing youth. She's too reliant on old players, and they just don't have the pace and strength any more to just show up and overpower people.

If they play that poorly against France, they will lose by 3-4 goals.

Goldie posted:

This was a terrible game for the USA, hope they play with more passion on Friday against France.  Sheesh......but that kick to go up 2 - 1 was great.  

Megan Rapinoe scores her second from the spot.what an effort by the Spaniard goalie, nearly a save but not quite, that's the game winner by Megan Rapinoe, a HARD,  low, rocket shot off that powerful  right leg of hers.     That sets up a mouthwatering   quarter-final with France.  2:00 pm Friday.  FOX TV.

Just about to get started 2 pm FOX TV

#1 USA                                                                                                                                     #2 France

Yanks have only one blemish in their last 42 games, to this very same French team.  There are only 7 teams left standing in France and 6 of them are from Europe.  

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