ammo posted:

Need a new thread.  Something like CUBS SUCK!!!

I vote an emphatic "NO!!" 


BK - all teams that win have front runner fans.  You think all the fans around the country sporting Packers gear after a Super Bowl win are die-hards??  The Cubs have a very good national following as evidenced by their really good road attendance figures (even in lean years), but there's certainly gonna be bandwagoners during good spells.  All teams have them.  I get the "Cubs hate", although I've never had much angst for the Brewers.  I would actually root for them when the Cubs aren't in playoff contention (except when they play the Cubs).  F the Cards always, though!!

It’s the Cubs division until the Brewers can prove they are better which means beating those guys.  The Brewers need to shift their mindset from just happy to be there to we are going to win this thing.  They aren’t there yet. 

Braun summed it up perfectly after the game.  They do all the little things very well especially in key moments of the game. 

Oh, and it might help to score a run or two against their starters?  JFC it’s frustrating to watch.  


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