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(3/14/2013 01:00:00 PM) - Al

Natalie Gulbis contracts malaria while in Asia.

I never understood the appeal of visiting these parts of the world, as even the "normal" countries have issues like this. And Gulbis being out of commission is just darn sad.

Yep. I guess just getting a shot that prevents it would be dum.

I'm gonna stay in Schofield where the chinks are chinks and happy to be called that.
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(7/30/2013 07:35:00 PM) - Al 

Portland is a hole, people avoid parks because that's where they congregate.


Portland may as well be in Asia.  


Speaking of which, anyone want to bet anything that our hero has never spent even one second in Portland?  


I knew CAP95 lived in a ****hole.  It's never been the same since I left there.

Originally Posted by Shoeless Joe:


BTW - This crash actually happened in San Diego.  We don't have too many homeless Asians there, thankfully.  That gives us the option of going to the park.


I'm in Vancouver right now, though, and this craphole is like Portland on steroids.  I walked my in-laws' dog through the park near their house and I might as well have been in Beijing.  Of course, no one else was there but me, as people avoid such places.

It's quite stunning to learn that Al is such a man of the world.  EIGHT plane rides?  All between the TC and Chicago?  Whoa... Marco Polo thinks you should take it easy.  This only makes his worldview that much more valuable IMHO, since he's seen so much of it.


(1/14/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al 


I have only flown eight times, four from the Cities to Chicago, and four return flights, back when I was in training at Toys R Us for management. The first flight I ever took was delayed for a long time, about 2-3 hours I think, due to weather in Chicago. We got on the plane, pulled away from the gate to make room for other planes, and sat there for a couple hours. Finally, they drove back up to the gate and let off whoever wanted to get off, as most of the passengers, probably about 2/3rd's, were using the flight as part of a two flight plan elsewhere. I got off, wandered for a few minutes, and suddenly, they hurried us back on, and once I got back on, they told everyone that the plane had to fly out of Cincinnati the next morning at 9, so, while no one knew how long it would be, this flight was going to end up in Cincy. I was seemingly the only person on the flight actually just going to Chicago, and despite the plane having been full, we left with about 3/4th's the plane empty. I think it held about 90, so we only had 15-20 folks onboard.