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(3/27/2013 04:44:00 PM) - Al

I just realized if you take the recommended adult dosage of children's cough medicine (mmm, grape) a bottle lasts about one day.

Put a sweatband on my head and spray some sweat stains on my T shirt, I might fool some into thinking its Gatorade...

No wonder our guru Al is always home in the middle of the day - the SOB is grippin and sippin the cough syrup. Now THAT'S freedom, my fellow patriots.

Perhaps we should start another thread on this - Al Huffs Paint and Sniffs Glue.
Not with your basic lard soap:

You can use it to clean the Boo Berry stains out of your only collared shirt and then deep fry some krab/cheese/hot pockets for a snack with it when you're done.

Once again, that's freedom.

And yes, MNSnowBong - this is the work of one person - one true patriot who isn't afraid to be known as such. Having a group of people all doing this would not only lower the remarkable profundity ratio we're seeing, but it would also be Communism - sorta like what the Old Media does along with those morons who go to college.
Just a jerk looking for a circle.

(3/27/2013 04:48:00 PM) - Al

Real topic on Dr. Oz today...what do we know about Jesus' health?

1. It does break the streak of 77 consecutive shows in a row which he said all you need to lose weight is a simple diet plan that includes about 1200 calories a day (with a once weekly "splurge" of 1500).

2. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey were guests, and they produced The Bible, but wow, that's still a stretch.

I would think Dr. Oz includes exercise in his plans. Does falling down count as exercise?
I didn't know Al Gore did all of that climate research by himself. He probably just got if off the Internet, but since he invented the Internet, it keeps coming back to Al Gore. Damn Commies. USA!

(5/03/2013 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Al Gore can explain climate down to a tenth of a degree hundreds and thousands of years ago.

This film is made with atoms and is magnified a hundred million times so we can see it. I have no idea how it's made or how they magnify it.

So tell me, which one of us is totally full of crap?

I've missed Al's derp on science. I hope he's been eating OK lately.
Originally posted by al:

(5/20/2013 12:30:00 PM) - Al

One decade ago, putting on DEET...especially on children, was akin to swimming in your toilet, and was compared to child abuse.

Now...use DEET! If you don' should be locked up!

I never stopped wearing it, because I knew full well those insisting it would kill me had a financial incentive to sell creams and sugar water that don't work. There are millions of Africans who would say the same thing about DDT...if they were still alive, having died from malaria. The best we can do is these stupid nets, which work badly, I suppose, until you roll over, or they tear.

Good points all around. We all know al hates bald eagles, so this was simply the next logical step. We also know the things African kids really need is more chemicals applied to them (those damn African kids and their extravagant hot lunches). I can see al applying a healthy layer of deet prior to getting into bed with mrs. al. The hallucinations probably help the entire process pass by quickly.