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(9/02/2013 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Why the left hates Tebow.

I think it's the fact he's so comfortable with who he is. Envy hurts when your world view keeps proving it doesn't work.


Just what I needed for a lazy Labor Day Morning while drinking my coffee.  The ultimate article that explains Al, Al's worldview, and the insane "sources" that are little more than an echo chamber telling Al what he wants to hear.  Everything in a lovely tidy package.


I don't hate Tebow because he's comfortable with who he is.  I hate him because he's propped up and supported because of his religious beliefs, not because he's a you know a good football player.  I hate that a network promotes a piece of garbage 3rd string QB.  I hate him because I was awoken Saturday morning at 6AM as ESPN pushed a "BREAKING NEWS" alert to my phone that a 3rd string QB was released.  Interestingly enough it was news when its the self aggrandizing "Christian", yet I received no such push alert when Graham Harrell or BJ Coleman was released.  I hate Tebow because he lends his name to hate groups that disguise themselves of "family" organizations.  I hate Tebow because he took his ball and went home last year when he wasn't named starter - nice job Mr Ultimate Teammate.


As for Al's "envy hurts when your world view doesn't work", umm WTF Al.  I know this is a soundbite that Megyn Kelly or Michelle Malkin or some other broad provided, but it makes absolutely no contextual sense in this discussion whatsoever.  We hate him, now we envy him?  Shut up. 


And, then we have "Pajama's Media".  The whole article is nothing but a defensive screed of an insane person.  My favorite quote:


For many, it’s easier to attack Tim Tebow than it is to confront the fact that they are living apart from God. They understand that turning to God would mean giving up their right to live however they please and instead submitting to God’s will and desires.


Yup.  You DERPED it.  PJ "Media" is the right wing version of Bleacher Report.  Poorly written manifestos from any moron that has nothing better to do, except continue the echo chamber.


Thanks Al!

Original Post

I've said it before - if you're going to construct your own version of reality and do everything possible to avoid, you know, actual reality, why would your fantasy land be such a miserable place where:


1. There are bogeymen around every corner (the elitist left, people with educations)

2. Everyone is out to get you (college-aged women, skinny people, sushi eaters)

3. Everyone and everything is designed to tear apart the world you think you knew even though that make-believe world never actually existed (Asians in Schofield like being called chinks)

4. Your failures are the fault of anyone or everyone else, but mostly the elitists who read and stuff. (Damn chair, damn belt, damn stupid people who don't buy my insurance)


As long as you're going to live in a dream world, why not make it a place where everything is awesome?  


Poor Al.  Thinking what you're told to think tends to fly in the face of being a 'contrarian'  or even an amateur futurist, but if anyone actually pointed that contradiction out it would only be another left-wing conspiracy.  

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