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Al on Tebow

Timpranillo ·
(9/02/2013 09:00:00 AM) - Al Why the left hates Tebow . I think it's the fact he's so comfortable with who he is. Envy hurts when your world view keeps proving it doesn't work. Just what I needed for a lazy Labor Day Morning while drinking my coffee. The ultimate article that explains Al, Al's worldview, and the insane "sources" that are little more than an echo chamber telling Al what he wants to hear. Everything in a lovely tidy package. I don't hate Tebow because he's comfortable with who...

Re: Al on Tebow

I've said it before - if you're going to construct your own version of reality and do everything possible to avoid, you know, actual reality, why would your fantasy land be such a miserable place where: 1. There are bogeymen around every corner (the elitist left, people with educations) 2. Everyone is out to get you (college-aged women, skinny people, sushi eaters) 3. Everyone and everything is designed to tear apart the world you think you knew even though that make-believe world never...