Barry has schedule one California team in his tenure as AD...UCLA in 2029 and 2030. Since he took over as AD, Bucky has played 3 teams from California...San Diego State, Fresno State and Cal Poly...and I believe those games were scheduled well ahead of his tenure as AD.

University of Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez said he's "very concerned" with how California's new law allowing athletes to make money from their name and likeness will impact college sports.

Defying the NCAA, California opened the way Monday for college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsement deals with sneaker companies, soft drink makers, car dealerships and other sponsors, just like the pros.

The first-in-the-nation law, signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and set to take effect in 2023, could upend amateur sports in the U.S. and trigger a legal challenge.


He should be concerned.  Universities and administrators (yes that means you too Barry) have made a financial killing off the backs of college athletes and quite frankly they need to make some changes.  They’ve been kicking this can down the road for too long and the corruption isn’t going away anytime soon. 

The fact the NCAA is a non profit organization is an absolute joke.  Maybe they should give back those hundreds of millions they’ve earned over the years lol.

If the Badgers make the Rose Bowl will Barry not allow the team to travel and play as well?  After all it’s in California! 




I totally agree that changes need to be made and it is going to be interesting what happens going forward.  There are a lot of moving parts to this whole thing and the one thing I want to see more than anything is that someone besides the NCAA is the watch dog for the process.  I am not one to say we need more over sight for things t someone is going to have to make sure the rules are followed (what ever those rules will end up being).   It simply can't be allowed to be the wild wild west because it will be more corrupt than ever.  


There are so many questions for me on this one.  One thing is that these players will be paying some hefty taxes and you know the states and uncle Sam will want their share.

I don't know a ton about Title 9 but will that affect this? 

All I know is that the old guard better brace themselves for better or worse change is coming.


It's hard to see the difference between the NCAA/college administrative collaboration and other sports marketing firms  like FIFA and IOC. They are all geared to keeping the money flowing in one channel. Anyone who tries to divert some is an enemy of sport, the country and all things good and wholesome.

The era of college sports being the minor leagues for professional sports is approaching its end. I don’t know how I feel about that, I really don’t. Only 1% of college athletes go pro- the rest get a degree when they very possibly would not otherwise. Now what is that degree in? A fair question. Tough to answer. 

But the Universities bear a significant portion of this blame, it isn’t just the NCAA. The NCAA made rules about the emphasis on “student athletes” and what did the football factories do? “Communication” degrees. “Fill in the blank studies” degrees. None of them legitimate, all designed to allow a “student” an easier pathway to eligibility so they could make them money on the whatever field/court. 

But this is why I’m conflicted- there are 10s of thousands of kids getting degrees in countless universities that will not and never had made or had potential to make money for anything. These kids far outweigh the ones who are part of these big giant universities making football $$$. What’s going to happen to them? 

Last night on ESPNs College Football program  Jesse Palmer and Joey Galloway made some great points on this whole thing.  They basically said that there has to be some sort of national over sight (not the NCAA) of how to pay players. To paraphrase  they said you cannot allow boosters, states with more lenient laws on paying players, and agents to run the show and it could lead to even more corruption.

To me the sad thing is that I believe cheating is so rampant (and don't kid ourselves they all do it) that no matter what rules you put in there is going to still be $1,000 handshakes, useless degrees, academic fraud, etc.  But the question for me is will it get even worse with the can of worms being opened?

Of course cheating and corruption are rampant in college athletics.   It’s too easy to turn or bribe athletes or coaches because there’s no price tag you can attach to success and winning especially at the highest level.  

The NCAA has looked the other way and it’s not because they care about the student athletes.  There is a lot of money floating around and some of the most vocal opponents to this rule are those that stand to lose some of their own financial interest.  

I also believe this will have an even greater effect on Div 2 and 3. They have limited and no athletic 'scholarships'. The top division already has its methods for circumventing the strictest interpretation of the rules. With the ruling, nothing stops a benefactor from signing the best team he can find for good ol' Liberal Arts U

There is going to be an unintended consequence of this...if this goes far enough we are going to see developmental leagues for football and basketball where they can draft and sign kids out of high school much like soccer academies around the world...except those academies sign kids as young as 10.

If that happens, college football and basketball will be seriously diminished, and I predict many schools will just drop those two revenue sports...and as a result will be forced to cut non-revenue sports like track, golf, baseball, softball, soccer and women’s basketball...depriving thousands of athletes access to college.

Be careful what you wish for Gavin Newsom...

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