1 - Ben Sheets, Zack Greinke, Jeff D'Amico, Teddy Higuera, Chris Bosio, Chris Narveson, Manny Para 

2 - Dave Nilsson, Jonathan Lucroy

3 - Prince Fielder, Richie Sexson

4 - Rickie Weeks, Fernado Vina, DL- Paul Molitor

5 - Russell Branyan (MVP), Jeff Cirillo, (Kevin Seitzer after he gets released by Oakland)  

6 - Robin Yount, JJ Hardy

7 - Goeff Jekins, Carlos Lee

8 - Carlos Gomez, Mike Cameron

9 - Rob Deer, Nyger Morgan

DH- Dave Parker

Pen - Dan Pleasac, Bob WIckman, Todd Coffey, Derick Turnbow, Jesse Orosco, Salomon Torres. 

"Rocket Fuel malt liquor. Damn!" 

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Not enough guys from the 1977-1983 era. Team was absolutely loaded.

4 Future HOFers: Yount, Molitor, Sutton, Fingers, 

Guys with multiple all-star games (and not the token guy in years where they sucked) that aren't HOFers: Simmons, Cooper, Oglivie, Don Money. Vuckovich won a Cy Young, Gorman Thomas made an all-star team and lead the league in HRs twice. Caldwell went 79-48 over a 5 year period and was runner up for a Cy Young in 1978 (to Guidry's 25-3 year).


SP. Sheets, Greinke, Mike Caldwell, Higuera, Bosio, Vuckovich, Sabathia, Eldred

RP. Fingers, Plesac, Ladd, Hader

C. Ted Simmons, Lucroy, Surhoff

1B. Cecil Cooper, George Scott, Fielder

2B. Gantner, Weeks,

3B. Molitor, Don Money

SS. Robin Yount, Hardy, Sheffield, Sveum

OF. Braun, Yelich,  Oglivie, Cain, G. Thomas, Greg Vaughn, Hisle, Yount

DH. Parker, Molitor

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