I can't say I am the least bit shocked with the game last night.  For whatever reason Bucky craps the bed when they play there.  I also think the defense did everything it could to keep them in the game especially how many injuries they have.  I just don't know what to say there is to say that others have about Horriblebrook.  Brutal is the only word I have.

There have been a number of good Badgers teams that have lost at Ann Arbor.  It’s a tough place to play and Michigan usually has a decent team.

What’s disappointing is they just got schooled.  I replayed some of the game today and the passing game was just brutal.  Hornibrook probably played the worst game of his career.  

It doesn’t seem to be their year, but they need to make a decision on the QB position.  They’ve had a national championship level D the last two years and he still couldn’t get it done.  It may be time to turn the page but I doubt they will. 

I totally agree on the QB.  They have to do something but I think they are stuck between a rock and hard place.   They have a guy in Hornibrook who at times looks ok then there is Horriblebrook we saw on Saturday.  Sure, Michigan's D is pretty darn good but they aren't THAT good so I think pretty much all of it falls on him.  

Now we will see what this team is made of.  Can they move on from this and play the way they are capable of or do they continue to pee down their legs?

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