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From story:

Next week, the Packers will visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rodgers vs. Tom Brady is not a mismatch. And Tampa Bay’s defense is No. 1 in points allowed per game (6.5), and in the top six in yards allowed per play, yards allowed per passing play, sack percentage, interception percentage and third downs.

β€œI’m just trying to temper expectations,” said Rodgers, whose 63 touchdown passes are three more than Brett Favre for most against the Bears. β€œObviously, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this one tonight but we’ve got a big one next week, a tough road trip, and it’s got to be better. This was better than Week 1 but we’ve got to be better than this if we want to compete with Tampa.”

Give me 10 minutes with Brady.  I can arrange his COVID symptoms such that he has to miss the game.  I have COVID. 

Doctor told me today that to get COVID symptoms to stop I need to get plenty of rest.  So my question is, is this a nice quiet, peaceful, and restful place to hang out? 

At least for this game we won't have turnstile Turner playing LT for us. 

@grignon posted:

Last time the the Packers played the Bucs the defense played pretty well (except for that one play before halftime). The Packers offense needs to spread that defense wide- A power running game plays right into the hands of their front 7.

Disagree..  Where we went wrong against them was trying to run wide.   They are too fast at LB and that just won't work.   We need to punch them in the face and run between the tackles.   

Of all of the matchups so far between these two teams (w/Brady), this is by far the most banged up or weakest OL and WR group the Bucs have had.  The teams that have beat him have been able to get pressure up the middle in his face.  

In theory, this GB squad is equipped well to do just that.  

My concern is this may be the best front 7 they play all season and it’s not like the OL has played particularly well this year.  They have also played well and limited Jones and Dillon.  

One last nugget - they are 0-4 in Tampa in early season games with last September win being 1996.  

You would think it would be low scoring and in close games it’s turnovers or special teams that could be the difference.  New Orleans was in that game yesterday into the 2nd half until Winston went Winston and started throwing it to the other team.

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