If some of the assertions his lawyer puts forward are true (and video and copies of texts are generally pretty compelling).....well, there's just some food for thought.

"The attorneys write that at about 3:14 a.m., the woman who left first sent a text message to Cephus saying that she left her Juul vaping device at his apartment and asking him to let her know if he finds it. 

"This demonstrates that she remembered that she knew Cephus, knew his name, knew how to get in touch with him, remembered she was at his house, remembered that she had her 'Juul' with her, and remembered that she left it there," Meyer and Stilling write."




GBFanForLife posted:

He still won't be able to be in politics.

Ha ha ha, you mean like our president who got into office despite at least 12 women having said he touched or kissed them WITHOUT their consent???  Really???  and not even going to mention the self hung sex offender.     Just saying.

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