Crew @ Mets

Well well well. Maybe CC learned something tonight. Hader throws 23 pitches over 2 innings, get 5 Ks and an easy fly ball to center to end it.  Since he went 2 innings tonight he probably won't pitch tomorrow, but i hope he is the closer from here on out until Knebel is healthy again. 

Hader has been really good in his current role - sort of long relief and sort of set up guy.  Relievers are the quirkiest position in all of sports so I would keep him right where he is.   He’s getting a lot of appearances and locking guys down.  

EC Pack posted:

Because Drake or like would blow in the 7th and then Hader could finish a game with the crew down 3?   

Just kidding.

I often debate that in my head as well.  Sometimes the toughest inning might be the 7th or 8th, not the 9th.

This the Andrew Miller Cleveland argument. 

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