Cut at Packers final 53 after one pre-season game

Thompson has really loosened up the past few years with these shots at the "experts".



Whats the cap hit if Crosby continues to struggle and gets cut? He signed a pretty decent contract for a kicker in 2011 I think. So there must be some bonus $ still tied up in his deal that we'd have to absorb if cut this year.


Whatever, we are going to need a reliable FG kicker this year with our difficult schedule, whether it be Crosby, the new Italion Stallion, Carpenter, or any other kicker released during cutdowns. I see quite a few games that might come down to a FG at the end to win it.

He has played in 'only' 14 of 16 games in each of the last two years.  There you have it - he is injury prone. 


I won't mention his horrific 2010 season with his 73.2% average - that's Crosby like.  He is gold inside of 40 yards, misses a little from 40 - 49 yards, and is about 50% beyond 50 yards. 

The influx of competition at running back has apparently landed John Kuhn on the roster bubble.


Kuhn has been a fan favorite in Green Bay for years and his rushing attempts at the goal line always elicit loud choruses of “KUUUUUUHHHHN” from Packers fans. With the drafting of Eddie Lacy and stiff competition from Johnathon Franklin, DuJuan Harris, James Starks and Alex Green, it looks like Kuhn may be the odd man out.


Kuhn may be a good lead blocker, but the Packers are also trying out tight end Matthew Mulligan in that role as well and Kuhn’s contract may not be worth the grinding two yard pushes that Kuhn provides on a regular basis, per David Miniel of Fansided:

Kuhn has been a serviceable lead blocker and protector for the Packers on passing downs and has carried the ball fairly well for them in goal-line situations. But now that the Packers drafted running back Eddie Lacy, it looks as if his time with this Packers team is running out.

John is owed $1.8 million this coming season, which is a hefty price for a guy who will be, at best, a third or fourth string back and situational blocker. While not being able to bellow “KUUUUUUUUHHHHN” in Green Bay may leave some of us saddened, the Pack have a lot of backs in camp right now, and Kuhn’s sizable contract and limited utility makes him a pretty obvious roster bubble candidate.


On the bubble?

It is an interesting debate.  Can we afford to cut Kuhn when we are looking to 'jump-start' our running game?


Fan favorite or not, we all knew when he was going to get the ball, even the few times he didn't.  It doesn't take a sandwich artist to know the same thing when their defense is on the field.


At best, there are 6 spots for RBs on the roster, more realistically there are 5. Let's see how this plays out (with no injuries before final roster):


1 - Lacy - An upper round pick this year.  As a bonus, actually looks good.


2 - Franklin - A mid level pick this year. Looks interesting as a 3rd down back option or change of pace.  The ST experiment will end before the season starts.


3 - DuJaun Harris - Was the starter late last year, semi declared starter by MM.  Beat a lung tumor the whole time and came back from some knee tweak sumthing.  The upper management likes him and his attitude, he did produce even against the odd of the regular season play calling, the next week or two will really show just how he plays in to the scheme.


4 -  James Starks - Breakout year (after being hurt all year) in 2010  Been unavailable mostly since then.  Looking great this camp.  Staying healthy the whole way? It is to be seen.  The management has already shown disdain for injured players. James might have missed his chance to lock down his legacy in a Packer uniform.


5 -  Alex Green - Great college career in a wide open offense.  Had a great play or two, but the ACL really set him back. I like the guy, but it is uphill for him since the 3rd down back is the most coagulated role with the team. STs are his best hope along with 3rd down back for the team.  Rumor is he is available for trade. I never liked rumors and realize TT does trades about as much as the Wendy's girl actually eats their food. The preseason is going to matter a TON for him.  He best be available.  Oh, and perform.


6 - John Kuhn - If you need 3 yards, he will get you two. Plus... veteran, know the system.  Minus... you aren't going to trick or scare anyone by giving him the ball.  Factor... STs guru after Crabtree, but pricey.


7 -  Peasy - Easy PS guy. Anyone who thinks anymore, is delusional.  I do look forward to seeing him more and a lot, in the next 3 preseason games.


8, 9, 10 - who?


We keep 6. Kuhn is in, we keep 5, he is out.


It comes down to how many TEs are worth keeping.

I'm really trying to temper my excitement of a Lacy/Harris rotation with Franklin as the situational 3rd down defensive nightmare. but it's not easy.


Harris and Lacy are a change of pace dilemma. Keeps Lacy fresh for the 4th and keeps tread on the tires after week 12 to keep him from hitting the rookie wall. I think Lacy is the better back but I'm fine with Harris starting and the two of them spelling the other.


I'm still not ready to give up on Starks either. It could easily come down to Green or Kuhn and I think Kuhn has more value than Green at this point. Green has 3 huge games ahead of him.


I like where the running game is headed. A lot.

I'm going to predict that Coleman has been performing so horribly that if he doesn't improve during  this camp  he won't even make the practice squad. 


I think there's a chance they keep both Young and Harrell on the 53 and use Coleman's practice squad spot for another player.  Then they can draft a QB next year and start over.

The running backs and outside linebackers met in the live blitz-pickup drill Wednesday for only the third time of training camp. Position coaches Alex Van Pelt (RBs) and Kevin Greene (OLBs) work from a common simulation: a pass play off a three-step drop.


"We want them to hold for 2 seconds," Van Pelt said. "Take away the inside on a three-step drop." As always, fullback John Kuhn was Van Pelt's lead-off man, facing Clay Matthews. Kuhn lost, and then lost again to Mike Neal, before coming back with an impressive triumph against Nick Perry.


Is there still a need for Kuhn to protect AaronRodgers?


"Yes," replied Van Pelt. "There's just that comfort level. Aaron and John work well together." Eddie Lacy, Alex Green and free-agent fullback Jonathan Amosa stood out for the backs.


"We showed better than we have," said Van Pelt. "But if I had to pick one right now in a two-minute situation and you were going to be pressuring us, I'd take John." -jsonline


I know Kuhn does it better than anyone else on the roster, but I'm pretty disappointed that Green and Starks haven't become proficient at it in their time here.  You'd think they'd look at how Kuhn is kept around and say to themselves 'hey there's a great way to make the roster'.


Looks like Kuhn is going to take up a spot off pass protect alone.  Especially with two young tackles.

Yeah, I'd been of the mindset that Kuhn could be expendable, especially at his price. But with the O-line very thin and already missing the LT, pass pro is going to be critical from the RB group. I think he's got another year left.


I'd also agree that Green seems most likely to be odd man out, given that he doesn't do any one thing that the one of the other 4 doesn't. If that makes any sense.

"Tyrone Walker has really put together a very consistent last couple of weeks," head coach Mike McCarthy said. "Obviously he had a very good performance against the Cardinals. He's a very good route runner, has excellent body language, is very easy to read, which is important from the quarterback's perspective."


"I think Tyrone has had a good camp," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "It's tough competition at the receiver spot, but we've had some injuries with Jordy and Randall. Given the opportunity, Tyrone has played well, but he has to continue to play well for the rest of the preseason."


McCarthy and Rodgers have bestowed effusive praise for the undrafted receiver ...


"That's probably the most important thing is showing your consistency," Walker said. "The quarterback will be able to trust you more ..."



Does this kid have a script writer? There is no way to improve on him: he does the right things; he says the right things. The coaches love him; the QB loves him. I would not be surprised if the two 7th rounders who are quickly losing any chance of making the team love him.


He'll probably quit after year two to run for office.

Originally Posted by michiganjoe:

He's also a pretty expensive option with a very limited role,...

I think it is his pass pro, short yardage work, 3rd down back, punt protector and other ST work that prove he is a very versatile player, not a limited one. And that is why he sticks on the roster. Also his history of availability probably goes a long way with the coaches and TT.


I've been a John Kuhn fan from way back when everybody was in love with Korey Hall.

Originally Posted by Johnny  Z:

Does this kid have a script writer? There is no way to improve on him: he does the right things; he says the right things. The coaches love him; the QB loves him. I would not be surprised if the two 7th rounders who are quickly losing any chance of making the team love him.


He'll probably quit after year two to run for office.

Agreed...Franklin can be his assistant.

Originally Posted by FreeSafety:

I think it is his pass pro, short yardage work, 3rd down back, punt protector and other ST work that prove he is a very versatile player, not a limited one. And that is why he sticks on the roster. 

He offers them a bit as an outlet receiver too, but he's on the roster primarily because he understands the offense and can provide protection for AR. There's no doubt in my mind given his age and contract that if the coaches felt reasonably comfortable with the protection from the other RBs he wouldn't make the cut this year.

I think he makes the roster because of his versatility..  He doesn't really excel at anything but is acceptable  in everything.  


It's nice to have a guy like that on the roster.


I know MM said Harris is the starter, but I see him as the odd man out because he can't contribute on special teams.   Well, unless you have him returning kicks. 

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Has a white guy ever been named tyrone

Has a black guy ever been named Micah?  There is a game called B/W that is awesome for situations like this. 


Example Devon Wylie, WR/Chiefs.  Gotta be black, right?

Pronounced Devin, not Duh-von


and there are lots of whities in Ireland named Tyron and Tyrone.

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