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Something we need to remember is their 2018 schedule is quite a bit more difficult than last year.   Playing at Penn State will be very difficult.  Michigan may not be dominant but the Big House has been tough on Wisconsin even when the Badgers were better than UM.  Games at NW and Iowa are also pesky. 

I do agree the talent and depth is probably as good as it has ever been but I do still wonder about the DB position.   In big games against good opponents (like Ohio State) that’s where they have been exposed. 

But that’s all relative- the season before they played a murderous schedule and came close to a playoff chance if not for a horrific collapse in the B1G title game. 

The talent on offense has been one of the biggest issues- and the skill position talent is deeper and better across the board than their season 2 years ago. We saw those guys come of age against Miami. 

If ever there was a complete Badger team- deep and talented OL, premier RB, experience at QB, and receivers, combined with a deep and talented D- it’s now. 

They had 3 losses in 2016 and weren’t ever seriously considered for a playoff spot.  Had they beaten Michigan or Ohio State maybe.   Doesn’t diminish the fact it was a succesful season but this team will have to run the table and/or make it to and win the BT conference championship game with no more than 1 loss to be considered for the playoffs.  That’s a tall order. 

Can they do it?  Possibly.  I’m more interested in the progression and I think they will eventually get there with Chryst but just not sure it will be as soon as 2018. His best class is the upcoming one. 

Tschmack posted:

They had 3 losses in 2016 and weren’t ever seriously considered for a playoff spot.  Had they beaten Michigan or Ohio State maybe.   

If they win the B1G Title game they most certainly were being seriously considered. They made it easy on the committee by falling apart after going up 28-7. If that lead holds and it’s a blowout win, I’m guessing they’re in over Ohio State.  

Boy, that catch Cephus made in practice yesterday was amazing- this young crop of wideouts could be special. 

ILBs too... I’ll say it again- they have a shot this year if they stay healthy. Little worried about DL depth, and a young secondary though... need some young guys to step up there I think. 

Tom Oates with a complaint about scheduling... huh? Alabama played a joke schedule last year and got in, and win it all. Oates is wrong...

Tom Oates: Inequity in scheduling hurts Big Ten football

First of all, it takes 2 to tango- and when powerhouse programs refuse to schedule a tough game unless it’s at home, or a 2 for 1, there is no incentive for the teams like UW to schedule monsters. None. 

And second, it simply has no bearing on the committee’s judgment (as evidenced by last year allowing a 1 loss ‘Bama team who played nothing in the non conference (they scheduled Mercer for ahead of the Iron Bowl, for f’s sake??? It’s like having a bye week). I don’t want to hear a friggin word about Wisconsin’s scheduling...

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