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Anyway, wondering if anyone has any hooks, tickets, contacts, etc. for the game against the Chargers in LA on November 3.  It's the late afternoon game (obviously) and fairly certain I'll be out west.  Not in LA, but close enough that I could make a day a weekend out of it.  Would only need 1 ticket.  SeatGeeks has them available starting at about $280.

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I tried to buy the day they went on sale and it was already sold out, but prices are trending down so far from $700 to as you noted near $200. I will wait. We attended every Packer game in San Diego even the preseason one and there was usually 20,000 Packer fans there so you can do the math. With the success of the Rams, Chargers are not LA’s favorite NFL team. I have a price alert set and hope to see it for about $150.

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Click that. The Chargers were dead LAST in the NFL in attendance last season, don't waste your money right now. Good Lord, you could probably walk in for free at game time. 

Getting a ticket to a Chargers game is extremely difficult. Their temporary stadium only houses 27,000 and they have more than that in season ticket holders for the change over (or at least did at the time of the planned move). The fact they are last on that list means nothing. The temporary stadium is less than half the size of most every other stadium in the league.  

They get 5,000+ over capacity with temporary seating and standing room and it’s still not enough. 

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