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@Fandame posted:

Plain and simple, we got schooled on both sides of the ball. We got whopped physically. San Fran was definitely better both times we faced them. 

It doesn't help their coaching staff knows the Packer coaching staff very intimately That includes Angry Bald Man, Pettine as he was the HC in Cleveland when Kyle Shanarat was the OC there.

That in my mind is the biggest key. They knew what the Pack was doing on both sides of the ball every play & the Packers had no answer for their run which kept the best player on the field (Rodgers) on the sidelines. 

Pretty simple formula really.

Lots of a factors, but it comes down to they just didn't play well across the board. SF was amped up for the heavyweight fight and GB was too busy trying to get their shit together a day late. I think depth at DL, ILB, and WR got exposed, but overall the pieces we had that played well in 13 other games also just didn't show up...coaching included. They lost momentum, young guys are more impacted by big momentum shifts than older vets...guys like King, Jaire, Savage, WRs, RBs, DL, all just couldn't find the juice to get back in it. 

@YATittle posted:

If memory serves me right early in the game on third and short Rodgers tried to force a pass to Jimmy Graham that didn't work when he had Jones open for the first. We needed some drives established early on....

The Packers offense played poorly, but converting that first down you reference wouldn't have mattered. The defense had no chance against the Niners. The Niners didn't do anything fancy in that playoff game. Their best offensive player, George Kittle, caught one pass for 19 yards. The Packers had no answer for him in the first game and yet the Niners just decided to hand the ball off 42 out of 50 plays. 

In the playoff game, the Packers forced a punt on the Niners first drive and then allowed the Niners to score on their next 6 drives. Over the last 5 of those 6 drives, Garappolo completed 1 pass for 6 yards (on a third and 8). Unless the Packers scored on every one of those drives, they had no chance. 

The Packers played 2 games against the Niners last year and were outscored 50-0 in the first half of the two games. They could have lined up 12 guys on defense and I don't think it would have mattered. 

Who cares about the 49ers?  I donโ€™t.  

Everyone talking about them like they are the 85 Bears.  Just like the Hawks and LOB.  The Pats juggernaut.  All good things must come to an end and I wouldnโ€™t assume this 49ers team is destined to be great or will even make it back to the SB.  

The modern day NFL is not set up for teams to have sustained success except for those cheaters in New England who are now in full anti dynasty mode to tank and get the 1 pick. 

Thereโ€™s a 50% chance the Chiefs wonโ€™t even make it back and they are the best team in the league. 

The Packers have some holes for sure but if everyone plays to their ability and some of the younger guys take a step forward this could be a very good team. 

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