...because it's football.

...because Baker Mayfield is a hype machine.

...because the "Factory of Sadness" is also known as "Fedya's Bedroom".

I’m a highly successful business owner with a smokeshow wife. 

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ChilliJon posted:

I would not sleep on SF. Decent OL. GREAT DL. I’m dead serious I could see SF making a strong play for AJ Green. This team is legit good and will be a threat in January. 

They certainly were impressive tonite.  They definitely look like they're not going to lay down easy for Seattle or the Rams to win the division.

ChilliJon posted:
Pakrz posted:

Take it easy.

Saints, Packers, Eagles, 49ers. That’s the best in the NFC after 5 weeks. Pay attention. 

The way Russell Wilson is playing, I gotta throw the hags in there.  I can’t stand that team but Wilson alone gives them a fighting chance.

Tschmack posted:

Freddy Kitchens looks and acts like MMs long lost brother.  

No way he will last very long there if they continue to play like they did last night.

Browns are still all about sadness 

If Freddy is MM's long lost brother and if he gets canned he will be hired in 2 minutes.

It certainly helps when they basically tanked the 2018 season and ended up with the 2nd overall pick.  I mean, it’s not their fault Jimmy G got hurt but timing is everything.

The NFC West is going to be a bloodbath this year.  No guarantee that a wild card is coming out of the NFC North this year so winning the division is pretty important.  If GB wins next week (Detroit) they will be off to a great start within the north. 

He might be hired as a coordinator but paint me as totally unimpressed with him as a head coach. 

I mean, Dorsey literally gave him everything to work with and the Browns are failing miserably.  That is the most undisciplined and mistake prone team I have seen play in a while and all that mouthbreater can say is “well, we need to cut down on the errors” no shit Sherlock. 

How about turning around and handing the ball off to Nick Chubb some more?   The guy was averaging like 6 yards per rush and clearly that OL couldn’t pass block worth a shit. 

Then again, maybe it’s on Mayfield?   Keep turning the ball over and acting like an arrogant jackass.   

The Browns are who we thought they were.  Not ready to make the next step. 

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