Very cool history on AR and how he ended up where he is

I don't think this should be missed so I wanted to repost it in it's own thread.

Oh! I was listening to Bill Micheals today and the last segment of the program was fantastic!  He had Mike Clemens on for hour 4.  Last year when they were out for the SB, Clemens was on a mission to track down former coaches etc. of Aaron's and that whole last hour is PACKED (pun intended) with interviews with his HS coach, the Butte coach, etc.  It was fantastic!

Awesome hour 4 podcast of interview with Mike Clemens on Aaron's career

The pass to Cobb to win at the Bores GIF reminded me of one coaches comment on how Aaron had rolled left and threw a dime unlike any of them had seen (as a freshman at Butte).  

Take a listen I highly recommend!

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I finally got a chance to listen to the interview.  And even though I knew most of the story, the way this was told and the few pieces I did not know made the listen worth while.  Like AR was the last player with a first round grade on TTs board back in 2005 for example.  I haven't heard before.  So thanks for posting. 

Great listen.

Pat Kirwan was the only guy that predicted GB would pick Aaron at 24 in 2005. 

Ron Turner told Aaron "we've got 3 QBs better than you but thanks for coming". No wonder he loves beating the Bears. 

Aaron played HS football on a field with a sign that read "Once a Viking. Always a Viking". 

15 of the 23 players drafted before Aaron Rodgers in 2005 were out of football or let go by the team that drafted them when Aaron beat Pittsburgh for The Lombardi in 2010. 

Great post CT  


With all the draft stuff going on, it was hard to try to elucidate just how impressed I was with the interviews and the work that Clemens did to piece this all together.

I know that BM doesn't have alot of fans for some here based of his past work, but I do enjoy his show and stream it regularly as I work.  He has some great guests.

Glad some of you are picking up on the tidbits too.  


Great stuff.

Hasn't changed much.

It's well-documented by now, of course, that Rodgers has a keen mind. Current and former teammates, coaches and scouts – even Rodgers, himself, in making sly allusions to his high SAT and Wonderlic test scores – they all say the quarterback is cerebral to the Nth degree. And those are NFL people that are outwitted.

So how did an intellectually advanced teenager, especially in his football sense, deal with other high school kids who just didn't understand what the future NFL MVP understood?

"Getting other players to be on the same page, yeah, that was tough for him," Souza says. "That was frustrating for Aaron."

Back then, Souza says – and to an extent still, if last season's gesticulations were any indication – Rodgers would "wear his feelings on his sleeve," slumping his shoulders, throwing up his arms, yelling at teammates or just brooding.

I was watching last years hail Marys on youtube the other night and I stumbled on this clip.  Pretty good stuff but my favorite part starts at 1:38 where Sitton talks about a touchdown against the Bears that didn't count because of a hold.  I'm sure most of you remember it cause it was an incredible (non) play.

The best part of the video is listening to the Bear's players on the sidelines talking about how good Aaron is.  The ultimate compliment is when your rivals talk about you in awe while playing against you.  starts at 1:38

God I'm pumped for 2016!

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