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....and I don't care. Dropping 40+ 2 straight weeks on 2 division opponents is no joke.

A lot of Pundits playing it down because..... well....Lions gonna Lion.... & Vikings with turnover on roster especially defensively.

I don't GAF....that's 2 division wins to start the season. Very very big!

And to think they haven't played perfect in either game. They still have a lot they can & will improve on.

The rest of the league should be terrified because if they play perfect, they're beating any team. That includes SF & KC

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A lot of positives already covered. One that deserves more comment is how good Elgton Jenkins is. He's already a top 5 NFL guard. Another is that  Jaire Alexander is a top 10 CB. Rashan Gary made some plays. 

Room for Improvement. 

MVS has to make the easy plays. At least he makes some plays. He's dropped 4 easy catches in two weeks despite making circus catches on other plays. 

Sternberger is a 2019 third-round pick. Third-round TE picks are supposed to make contributions quickly. He's played 8 games and has no catches. He's been targeted 4 times in his career and dropped 3 of them. It's time for him to produce. 


Big bright spot appears to be our OL coach. After years of Cogbot doing his thing, good and bad, it feels like our guys are getting equally well coached on run and pass blocking. Lots of changes on the OL, but continuity seems good so far. 

Rodgers seems really dialed in also. I counted maybe 2 errant throws all day and even those could have been route issues. 

Negative is DL talent. Itโ€™s just not there. Detroit doesnโ€™t have an amazing OL, but we rarely held the LOS. Z Smith was honestly our best interior player today. Gotta do more than bolster the PS. 

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@Timpranillo posted:

I know Minny and Detroit might be trash, but with the balance they've shown thus far, this offense might be as good as, or even better than 2011.  Legit could have been 50+ points games both weeks.  

Yep. Last week the Vikings kept putting 8 men in the box to force Rodgers to beat them - which he did with ease.

This week the Lions played a ton of 6 DB looks and the running game ate their lunch. Rodgers still did plenty and probably would have been over 300 yards with 3 TD's with a little more concentration by the receivers.  

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