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Unpossible.  We all know it would have to be the Vikes for the opener. 

They after all are one of the greatest franchises in current, recent and all times.

So says the two blowhards that infect one particular thread....

Well we all know that the Vikings defense is so brutal that players from other teams will actually get badly hurt just facing them. 

So I wonder if the Packers play the first Thursday if that would mean they would get the Thursday night game over with and they wouldn't have to play one later?

hope it isn't Packers/ bears. Those sorts of games should be played later in the year. I hate it when the NFL plays big rivalries like this out the gate.

Have GB play some crappy team like the Patriots or Seahawks out the gate then play the real rivalries in Nov and Dec.

Aaron update:

"I feel great," Rodgers told Kay Adams and Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network. "My body feels really good. Instead of getting surgery postseason, decided to kind of go through a different routine with my knee than I've done in the past, and I'm feeling really, really good. Got a concussion the last game, that's cleared up. I'm getting back into my workout routine, but the first month of the offseason is a lot about yoga and traveling."

Rodgers and girlfriend Danica Patrick toured New Zealand and he said the trip included a stop in Hawaii to visit with golfer Jerry Kelly, who will be his playing partner during this week's Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Alluding to the hiring of LaFleur to succeed the fired Mike McCarthy, Rodgers said, "A lot of change in life, in general. It's tough at first, but it usually works out for the best. So I'm excited about what's going on in Green Bay and the future there, and just enjoying my time off."

Packers Edleman might already be on the roster. I think MLF can use EQ and Kumerow the same way. 

Important to note that Edleman isn’t doing anything extraordinary. He’s almost always in motion to determine man or zone. Or Gronk runs motion. Either way it’s for Brady to see coverage. Edleman runs a 5-7 yard stem and then has freedom to break in / out / sit down depending on where the soft spot is. He rarely runs a known pre snap route unless it’s to the seam. 

Now. Edleman and Brady are virtually unstoppable because they are both seeing the same hole in the defense. It doesn’t happen overnight but Welker and Amendola ran the same patterns for NE  equally as effective. 

There is no reason MLF can’t coach EQ and Kumerow to be used with the similar results. 

Kumerow & St. Brown are nothing like Edelman. Edelman thrives on his short area quickness, change of direction, and explosion out of cuts. His "confined area times" are incredible; 3.92 short shuttle and 6.62 3 cone drill. For comparison Kumerow's are 4.26 for short shuttle & 6.9 for 3 cone. St. Brown did not run either at combine or pro day, but at 6'5" I can't believe they were anywhere near Edelman's numbers. Not saying they will not be good players but they would not be as successful running the types of routes Edelman does. 



Edleman wasn’t the 232nd guy selected in the draft because of his physical greatness. He’s 50% ability, 30% football IQ, and 20% film rat. 

You can make quick guys look slow if you let them run themselves out of position. And he’s great at letting them oblige him. 

Zero chance Bo Jackson can play an effective Barry Sanders role. They are two completely different body types. 

This idea you have to be 5’11 and shifty to be a great slot reciever is bullshit. Can you recognize coverage and quickly find the vacated spot? Can you play football? 

If Tyler Boyd at 6’2 can become a ****ing nightmare in the slot with Andy Dalton then EQ has a great opportunity with Rodgers and MLF. 

Janis is a tough sell. Rams offense was never the same after losing 6’2 210 lb slot reciever Cooper Kupp. 

Football is always evolving. Cant fill spots looking for “body types”. Find football players. Then coach them up. Goes for every position. 

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I also think it is great everyone forgets Edleman might have been so good in the Superbowl because he got to rest for the first four games of the season

After missing a season for knee surgery.

And juicing up on the cream and the clear. And I believe he is still juicing. Look at the definition and quickness and NEs propensity to cheat.

This is great news! 1) This guarantees we won't have a short week Thursday game during the season and 2) we will start the season with a mini-bye. The only things more fun than embarrassing Chicago in week 1 is embarrassing them in week 17 to keep them from the playoffs and embarrassing them on their own turf to keep them from the SB!

Isn't the week 1 TNF game technically a SNF game in terms of who gets scheduled on Thursdays?  Meaning you get another Thursday game?

Last year's opener was Atlanta at Philadelphia.  Atlanta played again on Thanksgiving at New Orleans, while Philadelphia played Thursday, Oct. 11 at NYG.

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