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Usually, the team that wins Game 7 of a relatively evenly matched series is the team with the best player. That's Durant. Especially at home.

This is where conceding some of those regular-season games by sitting all the starters may come back to haunt them. It was a balance between staying healthy and winning regular-season games, but a home Game 7 or being able to play the Hawks right now would have been nice.

I agree, so let's keep Lopez away and keep Giannis on him.

This all feels like deja vu from 40 years ago. Those early 80s to mid-80s Bucks teams had great players that could just never get over the hump. In the end, the Bucks will probably be in a two or three-possession game toward the end of the game and lose by 5-9 points.

Giannis is a 7 foot Sidney Moncrief, a superstar HOFer who was somewhat limited by a lack of an outside shot. Middleton is Brian Winters or Ricky Pierce - borderline all-stars who were decent shooters. Maybe Middleton is a little Marques Johnson as well.