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Iโ€™m just done with Bud. Too many games we look completely flat, intimidated by the other team, and not playing Bucks basketball. The writing is on the wall. Milwaukee doesnโ€™t even get to the Finals with Bud as HC.

Iโ€™m also done with Middleton. Utterly and completely done. Trade him for a loaf of warm bread. Iโ€™m tired of his continually disappearing at the most inopportune moments. He has some really good games, but has way too many stinkers.

We lost by 8, going 6 of 30 from downtown. If Middleton or Holiday have even a decent gameโ€ฆ

This is not on Bud. They shot 6 for 30 from the three-point line and most of those were good looks. 11 for 19 from the line. The guys that missed those shots are to blame, not Bud.

If they shoot 10 for 30 from 3 and 15 for 19 from the line, they win by 8.

So has every team with a week off come out this flat?  Blake Griffin shoots better from 3 than Forbes, Middleton, the whole team.  What a wasted opportunity.  As a reminder, this was the Bucks worst 3 percentage of the entire season.   Nice timing

This is not on Bud. They shot 6 for 30 from the three-point line and most of those were good looks. 11 for 19 from the line. The guys that missed those shots are to blame, not Bud.

If they shoot 10 for 30 from 3 and 15 for 19 from the line, they win by 8.

I respect your opinion, MP2. Always do. You give extremely well thought out answers, and I donโ€™t for one second question your acumen when it comes to sports, especially basketball, where you are clearly more knowledgeable than I. Iโ€™ve enjoyed the game since I was a kid, but Iโ€™ve never invested myself heavily into the Xโ€™s and Oโ€™s of the game. Baseball is my true forte. I know that game, and its history, like the back of my hand

The reason I put so much of the blame on Bud here-and again, if you believe that the thought process was solid, that it was merely an execution shortcoming from the guys on the floor-Iโ€™ll agree to accept your position-it seems to me that others here have the same question I do. Iโ€™ve only seen them a few times this year, but if the Nets are a finesse team, why did we shoot 30 3s in the first place? Harden went out at the start of the game. Heโ€™s arguably their best perimeter shooter, is he not? We didnโ€™t need to get into that kind of a game.

If weโ€™re stronger in the paint than Brooklyn, why not force the issue? Let Giannis loose, and make the Nets stop him. While I understand that he was 0 for 3 from the line, I still think we should have played to our offensive strength, and when it became clear that our shooters were off tonight, we should have adjusted strategy. Instead, we continued to throw up brick after brick. Iโ€™m not even thinking โ€œif we only shot ___ from 3, we win.โ€ Iโ€™m thinking โ€œif just a few of those missed 3s were attempts from inside the paint, which are higher percentage shots, and come with more trips to the line, we win.

@The Crusher posted:

So has every team with a week off come out this flat?

No, but the Bucks did. And itโ€™s been happening.

Come on guysโ€ฆ youโ€™re all acting as if losing game 1 is a death sentence. Itโ€™s not. Pretty far from it. This is a 7 game series if they play the way theyโ€™re supposed to.

Game 2 isnโ€™t a must win. Stealing home court will be big- but not a necessity. They were 28-8 at home this year, they were going to come out swinging. And theyโ€™re going to be tough to beat.

The real issue is Middletonโ€ฆ again. If this is what they get from him this series, they have no chance. 6/23 from the field from one of your big 3 is a catastrophe. Giannis, Holidayโ€ฆ they were as advertised. Lopez was ok. But you also cannot have 10 turnovers from your big 3 either.

Shake it off and get back at it Monday.

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I think the Bucks will be fine, but they canโ€™t be suckered into playing a 3pt game with the Nets.  

Clearly the Bucks are more dominant inside team.  Like Shaq stated, you take it right to them and make Brooklyn stop you.  The Nets are not physically tough even if Griffin acts like it.   You pound them inside and wear them down.

Iโ€™m encouraged because if the Bucks hit a few more 3s and donโ€™t make dumb mistakes they steal game 1.   Regroup and get the next one.

Game 1 really was decided during the last 2:15 of the third quarter, and Giannis was the problem.

Durant had just committed his 4th and Nash left him in. Giannis was at the line for 2 shots and the Bucks were down 86-80. If he hits both, it's a 4 point game. Instead, he missed both and Irving hit a transition 3 off the miss. Bucks down 9.

The next possession, Giannis turns it over and the Nets get a transition dunk. Down 11.

The next possession they go inside to Lopez - two FTs and back to 9. Durant answers and it's back to 11.

The next possession Giannis misses a three, they get it back (Bud challenge), and Giannis turns it over again and then fouls Durant. Back to 13.

Holiday misses a layup and then Durant hits a 3 in Giannis' face. Down 16.

Lopez hits a shot at the buzzer (which should have been Durant's 5th), but the game was basically over.

As someone thatโ€™s had hamstring injuries and is a runner I can tell you if he does return he wonโ€™t be close to the player he was when healthy.  Sure, it doesnโ€™t impact his ability to shoot, but if he canโ€™t move off screens and start and stop quickly thatโ€™s a problem.   In basketball, if your legs arenโ€™t right, it affects a lot of things.

I realize we are all disappointed they didnโ€™t win game 1, but if they can win game 2 they will be in good shape.   If for some reason they go down 0-2 it means they really didnโ€™t play well (again) and one of the good things about this team is their ability to bounce back.  I think itโ€™s highly unlikely that both Middleton and Holiday miss that many shots and turn the ball over as much as they did in game 1.  I also do not think the Nets bench will outplay Milwaukee as badly as they did in game 1.

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