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@Tschmack posted:

If they aren’t careful this one could get away from them quickly

Giannis coming back in completely changes the entire game. Those 2 first-quarter charges were the biggest contributor to falling behind by 11 (along with Jrue Holiday making Bledsoe look good on offense).

@Tschmack posted:

For the life of me I’ll never understand how a superstar like Giannis gets so few calls.  He gets hacked or shoved every time he makes it to the rack.  Complete bullshit.

The lack of calls on the drives happen to a lot of dominant inside players (Shaq was probably fouled 20 times a game). It's the calls like the Griffin charge today that are infuriating.

A couple of days ago, son and I were talking about how good Giannis would be in the post and how little the Bucks play him there. That surge was caused by the disruption Giannis caused in the paint