I wanted to start this one out with a great matchup with Bucky visiting Ann Arbor for a night game in October.  This is why you go to places like UW to play games in big spot lights like this one.  Here is hoping that Bucky can beat them in a place they haven't been too successful at over the the years.  

Nothing would make me happier to see the look of confusion on Harbags face if UW beats them.

As for the game, I think this one is pretty simple and it is which QB plays better and who will make a mistake first.   UM's defense is supposed to be one of the best so now is the time for UW's OL to give Hornibrook some time and yes that still means he needs to complete the pass. 

I think the difference will be Michigan's QB not flinching against a young a beat up UW secondary and pulls out a win at home 24-9

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This has the makings of an absolute ass kicking administered by Michigan.  I hate this matchup and even more so now. 

The Badgers are banged up on D.  Really banged up.  They can’t seem to apply pressure to the QB or stop the pass. 

Sure, I think they can score but this is a legit top 10 defense they will face.  At a place that good Badgers teams have gone to die.  Wisconsin simply does not win in Ann Arbor. 

If Horni and the offense play like they did against Miami the Badgers could steal one.   If they don’t?   It’s going to get ugly.   Like 31-10 Michigan like ugly. 

Hope I am rong 

The Badgers have to fire on all cylinders in this one if they expect to, or even hope to, come away with a win. It will be difficult to win if they cannot generate a pass rush and cover Wolverine receivers downfield. Here's hoping our DC comes up with a solution to our predicament, or it may be a long day for Bucky fans. I think this game will test Bucky's mettle and make them find a way to win. GO BUCKY!!! 

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