PackerHawk posted:

Enjoy the last few hours of the Packers being all alone at the top of the NFL standings.

Who you watching? I got the Vikings - Falcons here. Battle of the overrated QB's! 

Yup, Queens vs Atlanta AND Browns vs Titans........go Atlanta and Titans. 

Today's game will determine whether the rest of the games this season are meaningful. A win and they are 3 back with 20 left. A lot different than being 5 back with 20 left. 

Let's say the Cubs go 12-8 the rest of the way after today. That's slightly better than their season record. 15-5 would be enough to tie and would be very tough but doable. 17-3 is very unlikely. 


The tool shed is a regular season house of horrors for most teams. Please note the regular season portion of my comment.

KFAN will be insufferable if the Queens end up destroying the Turdy Birds. But, as Packer fans, we must always rememeber that the goal with our special ed friends from the north is a gaudy regular season record, followed by a heart-wrenching, bowel-draining playoff loss.

And they've never disappointed.



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