Just a little off season/Pre-draft fun. What is your favorite beer?

Mine for a while has been Bells Two Hearted Ale.

Next I like Terrapin Hopsecutioner

Actually I like most Bells Products...the Bells Hopslam that is out now is also very good, but its seasonal and is a bit hard to come by here in Georgia. One of the Liquor stores I go to keeps it behind the counter and will only sell you one 6 pack per customer 

So, lets hear it....what do ya have?  CHEERS!!!!


The vikings SUCK


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The Heckler posted:

I like anything that is very hoppy and strong.  

Right now my top 3 favorites are VooDoo Ranger 8 hop IPA (made by Fat Tire I think)

The second favorite is a local IPA that is called Rheingeist Truth.  It has an IBU of 94

Lagunitas IPA is also a go to for me


Both Fat Tire and VooDoo are brewed by New Belgium Brewery.   I am currently drinking beers from Full Sail Brewery, they have quite the lineup and here at least about a buck or so cheaper per six pack.

For those that like Two Hearted.....treat yourself to some Three Floyds Zombie Dust...another excellent APA. Sculpin by Ballast Point is another good one for the hop lovers. 

Being it's cold outside, been enjoying some dark stuff lately. Here's a really good one:Image result for epic big bad baptist imperial stout

I like different beers for different seasons.  For those that are available at all times, Leinie's Sunset Wheat is my favorite.  

During the winter season, I really enjoy some of the Christmas Ales, particularly Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and also Thirsty Dog's 12 Dogs of Christmas.

I'm not an IPA guy, they all seem one note and I am not a fan of that note.  

Bells does make outstanding beer, this is one of my favorites Image result for bell's double cream stout

Also from Michigan is another of my favorites (and also one of my favorite breweries to visit.  Image result for coffee stout founders

Last stout for me would be Oreo Speedwagon.  I love this stuffImage result for Oreo Speedwagon laketime

Favorite WheatImage result for boulevard unfiltered wheat

On tap, this Helles is outstanding

Image result for gable single speed

When I am back in Wisconsin, I do like Golden Booty from Lake LouieImage result for lake louie golden booty

and Polish Moon from MKEImage result for polish moon milwaukee

I've left out outstanding breweries like Deschutes in Portland, Pulpit Rock in Decorah, and Spotted Cow is still a favorite of mine.   I'm sure I will think of more as the day passes.

As for free, some beers just taste like shit, but if you like it, you like it.  Life is to short for people to tell you what to drink.  

Except Busch light is swill.  

I agree most IPA's are all trying to bludgeon you with hops.  But there are a select few that transcend it.  Hopslam was one of the first to do that.  Now there are a lot of imitators and derivatives, too many to have tried.  

Kwak's a good Belgian that will knock you out.

My wife and I have made a good hobby of traveling around and trying local breweries wherever we go.  One fun thing we have in common anyway.  We use the Untappd app to log and rate beers, but mostly just to remind us of what we have tried.  She recently hit 1,000 unique beers.  I'm still a ways behind her in unique, but easily have her beat in overall quantity. 

Bong, we've been to Pulpit Rock, also Toppling Goliath.  Liked their stuff quite a bit.  Also have visited PIVO in Calmar.

I'm mostly a pilsner/lager  guy, but I have come around to trying some IPAs, mostly since so many places make a lot of them and I run out of beers to try.  But not my preferred style.  I also liked some Scotch and brown ales and a good stout now and then.

My most recent favorite is Toil and Trubbel, a Belgian dubbel from a local place in Rochester, MN called Little Thistle.  Really tasty.  But if I am going to indulge and hit party/tailgate mode, I stick with Miller 64 since the low carbs don't play havoc with my diabetes.  I can whoop it up a bit without taking too much of a toll.

DH13 posted:

Surly does some good ones.

To DAVEGA - do you get Ozark Brewing out there?  They do a really good cream stout that is perfect with bbq.

Also forgot Great Lakes Nosferatu, an imperial red ale.

I'll have to look for it..Love Porters....and stouts

I usually go with lagers or occasionally a red or brown ale.  Don’t care for hoppy, fruity or citrusy beer.  Usually drink Sam Adams lager, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, Kona, Brooklyn,  Newcastle Brown and Sam Adams Octoberfest when available.  

A we are approaching spring I am awaiting the usual and new Bocks to hit the shelves.   Any day now.

Im a traditionalist . Like everyone I have favorites but love to try them all.

Bock in the spring

Lagers, Pilsners, Helles  in the late spring, summer and early fall

Octoberfests, Red, Brown, and  original ales in the fall.

Stout, Porter in the winter

Throw in a few PA's and IPA's here and there and I'm good to go.

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