The beauty of the Packers-Bears rivalry, the oldest rivalry in sports, is that it pushes the vikings out of the conversation. Make no mistake, the Bears still, and always will, suck, but when talking about the oldest rivalry in football without any mention of the vikings, they become insolent brats throwing a temper tantrum trying to get attention. I love the Packers-Bears rivalry because of the tradition of Bears' suckage. I hate the vikings. Period.

Read down this Twitter thread. 😆

It's too bad the Vikings can't be in Freefall right with em

Boris posted:

I wish they would raise the $58 million so then this Bear fan would just pocket it all.

People are Stoooooopid

Funnier if they send whatever they collect to the Bears FO.  "Here is a check for $132.53 to buy Trubisky out of his contract". 


Henry posted:

This should make Bears haters happy and make Spermheads sad.  Maybe Detroit and Minnesota should do something to make themselves more noticeable? 

Don't show this to viking fans. They do not want to know that their team is not relevant on the national stage........

Afternoon guys on 670 Chicago were scorching the bears yesterday.  Then they had a clip from Mike Lombardi who just laid out Trubisky.  That franchise is beginning to look more cursed than the Vikings.  Will be really interesting to see how Pace handles the QB position.  They've got a top D and a HC who can win if he isn't gameplanning around his QB.

Packiderm posted:

Horribly inaccurate map. Cowboys and Vikings way unrepresented! 

LOL!!! at the Pats! 

I love how the vikings cannot even make a most hated team map! The Bears beat them out once again! LMAO! Proof of the Bears-Packers rivalry reality and of the vikings' irrelevance! 

There's so many gem articles to pick from this week, it's hard to know where to start. It's just one doom-n-gloom piece after another. The Bears are never going to live down not getting Mahomes or for that matter, Watson. Ever. 

A delicious piece of candy from the Tribune:

Suddenly, the worst fears of the most scarred fans were no longer irrational. Suddenly, it seemed, the ceiling on Trubisky’s career had closed in faster than anyone was prepared for.

Suddenly, that awful three-word question had snuck into the conversation for even the most level-headed observer: Is it over? Is it really over? The Super Bowl dreams? The 2019 season? The possibility that this starting quarterback might one day mature into a consistent playmaker?

After a performance like Sunday’s, it was not only fair to wonder whether Trubisky never would become a long-term answer at quarterback but whether he would even still be the Bears’ starter beyond Thanksgiving.

After a meltdown like Sunday’s, it was suddenly acceptable to entertain the debate over whether Ryan Pace’s huge whiff at the top of the 2017 draft might actually set the franchise back for the next half-decade. Or longer.

Quite simply, this felt like a tornado.

I was sitting at the draft with my Niner fan friend in 2017. 

The instant that Bear/Niner trade was announced I looked at my friend -- he's dying laughing, the rest of the crowd was like....WOOWWWWWWW!!

For some perspective....the crowd in Dallas had the same "wow" "groan" reaction when Gutey traded down for a first rounder then back up to get Jaire. 

I seriously could NOT believe the Bears made that trade to move up ONE spot. I still can't believe it over 2 years later. I can 100% guarantee Trubisky would've been there at #3. 

Take a look at the 2017 draft first round.. here's some grades from August of this year.

My God....lotta good players in first round. But Bears had to have Trubisky. Breaking my heart.

I love the fact the Niners basically flushed that draft capital down the toilet. Solomon Thomas is nothing special (The AJ Hawk of D-Line) & Foster was cut (Domestic Violence) & blew out his ACL with Washington Redskins in May.

Amos hasn't been "great" lately but I saw the same old Ha Ha sunday vs NO.  Watching ball carriers run by, staying away rather than hustling to the ball.  Always relying on whoever is closer to make the tackle on their own.

I'd rather have a player who's shortcomings aren't wasting one's own talent by being passive.

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