"You've got to understand the situation and be more careful with the football. You can't turn the ball over there... 

.............. awkward uncomfortable hysterical silence......."

Cutler to broadcast partner Kevin Burkhardt who really just wants Jay to put that mother ****ing cigarette out. 


"..... it's intercepted in the end zone and that will be a touch back...... and the hometown fans are not happy about that. Just listen to them!"

"F**K the hometown fans! Like they know best. They just wait for you to fail. You call in a take out order and they just assume you want to "PICK" it up because you're good at it. ****ing hyenas" 

I noticed Cutlers first assignment is a nationally televised Bears preseason tilt. This is going to be so much fun. 

Jeff Dickerson ESPN Staff Writer 

What a mess. Mitchell Trubisky re-enters game again after Connor Shaw suffered another injury. Trubisky threw an incompletion and was sacked to end the game. Browns win 25-0.

Instead of having Trubisky simply run out the clock -- Cleveland led 25-0 -- the Bears surprisingly asked their future franchise quarterback to drop back and pass three times in the final 1:04 -- twice in the last 11 seconds. The Browns not only hit Trubisky on those final two pass attempts, they sacked him as he tried to move up in the pocket as time expired.

Saw some of the "highlights" from that schit show last night. John Fox is going to screw that kid up.

"Peanut" Tillman - FBI

Tillman earned a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette before the Bears drafted him in the second round in 2003. He grew up in a military family — his father, Donald Tillman Jr., was a sergeant in the Army — and attended 11 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

PackLandVA posted:

I don't think this is a good move.  Glennon sucks, but what's the harm in letting MT sit and learn a little longer.  Maybe it'll work out.

Agree. The Bores have NO WR's to speak of, a shaky OL at times, and the running game is their only plus on offense. Not the recipe for success you want to give your franchise to.

PackLandVA posted:

I don't think this is a good move.  Glennon sucks, but what's the harm in letting MT sit and learn a little longer.  Maybe it'll work out.

I agree. His first start will be against the Viking defense, then Baltimore and Carolina....why not wait till New Orleans the next week ? Well, I guess they are used to ruining young QB's. 

and as was discussed around the fire last night, what's with the bears still suck giving up and running the clock out for the 4th quarter instead of trying to win a football game? I understood what Fox was doing while at the game - practicing the run game cuz his pass game sucked - but that still doesn't excuse a professional NFL team for essentially throwing in the towel.

TBSS!  there's a reason we keep saying it

Holy sh**, horrible. Wishing him all the best...

Zach Miller undergoes emergency surgery in effort to save injured leg

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller underwent emergency surgery Sunday night in an effort to save his injured left leg, league and team sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

The surgery, performed at LSU's medical center in New Orleans after the Bears' loss to the Saints, was to repair a damaged artery in Miller's leg, according to sources.

Miller is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday, when surgeons will evaluate the blood flow and overall anatomy of his leg, sources told Mortensen.

Miller dislocated his knee in the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Saints. Sources told Mortensen that Miller's dislocated knee is considered "more significant" than a regular dislocation, which is a serious injury.

Vascular surgeons were called in to repair Miller's leg, which includes grafting tissue from the other leg to repair the damaged artery, sources told Mortensen.

Bears coach John Fox said Sunday that the team's "thoughts and prayers are with him" after revealing that the veteran tight end would spend the night in the hospital.

I don't even want to google that. No thank you I'll take people's word for it. 

It's just very bizarre, within our our own division, we've seen 2 NFL players (Bridegewater the other) damn near have their leg amputated because of this sport. 


Saw the video and I think it was the worst I've ever seen. A human knee is not meant to go almost 90 degrees backward. Sometimes it's hard to watch/hear about the human carnage this sport inflicts. And yes, I cannot believe the refs took away the TD, adding insult to injury. I wish him all the best and hope they can save his leg; he's not out of the woods yet...  

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