@AlbertBreer: In the end, the Bears paid Jared Allen $14.62 million for 18 games of work. Or $2.66 million per sack.


@JasonLaCanfora: In 18 games with the Bears, Allen registered 5.5 sacks for Bears. Team went 5-14 during time he was on the roster.


@adbrandt: Beyond cash ramifications, Allen will count $12.5 million on Bears Cap next year.  Probably a top 2 or 3 Cap charge on entire team.


@adbrandt: Again, Bears cash obligations to Allen may be over (assuming no deferred payments) but cant escape dead $ from $15.5M guaranteed at signing.


@AlbertBreer: Btw, only 15 non-rookies on the Bears roster were drafted by the team. That's a pretty stunning number. New regime knows it. Rebuild needed.

If Jimmy Clausen were to start this entire year, I think the Bears could threaten that 0-16 mark of the 2008 Lions.  As much as we bag on Cutler, he might be able to squeeze a win or 2 out of that sorry bunch, but I think Clausen is just about as bad as Brian Brohm was.  At least Brohm didn't seem like a punk, Clausen does seem like a punk.

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Jared Allen traded to the Panthers. Not clear what pick it is yet. I'd be shocked if it's anything better than a 4th.

Really good move for Carolina. Allen isn't a Pro Bowler anymore, but he can still thrive as a situational pass-rusher on a good defense.

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Name a worse starting QB in the past 20 years than Clausen.


Ryan Lindley?  Maybe?  

When a player is that bad, it becomes difficult to decide just who is the absolute worst. Spurgeon Wynn or Craig Krenzel? Mike McMahon or Jimmy Clausen? They're all too awful to play long enough to provide a really good sample size.

Alshon Jeffery (assuming he can get healthy) and TE Martellus Bennett (if Quarless is out a while) would make for interesting Packer additions. Though I highly doubt TT would do it. Nor the Bears trading them to their biggest rival.


But hey I can pretend I'm on drugs and dream for 5 minutes.

They'll have a lot of cap money to spend on free agents. Our only major free agent next year is Mike Daniels. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in Chicago. Crosby is also a free agent, but he'll reup. Also, Neal, Richardson, Guion, Raji, and Starks.


Also, shouldn't forget James Jones.

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They'll have a lot of cap money to spend on free agents.

That has been a big part of their problem, thinking you can fix things by signing free agents. They need to learn how to draft and build a team.


Following the Chicago Bears' 22-20 come-from-behind win over the Oakland Raiders, Martellus Bennett was asked if Cutler is too often criticized. The tight end went biblical:


"They threw rocks at Jesus, and Jesus was an excellent guy who did a lot of awesome stuff," Bennett told Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

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