2017 Training Camp

Brainwashed Boris posted:

I was also at the game. Can't change the past but even MM thought about replacing Favre at halftime of the NFC CG

I was also at that game, freezing my tail off. Will never forget the somber silence of 70,000 people walking away from that game in the dark through nearby neighborhoods, occasionally someone breaking the silence with a shouted obscenity.

Clay won't be a liability if he's on the field (and healthy). He's either going to be really good this year or really injured and miss extended time. I don't see a middle ground with him. 

If he misses extended time this year or if he's trying to play at 50% for prolonged stretches again then it's probably time to look at closing the book on Clay. 

Closing the book on Clay?  Injuries have taken their toll that's for sure but hope he can play. 

Don't worry we have Biegel AND King instead of Watt.  Oh wait Biegel is hurt?    King has looked "OK?"  

Dear football gods do not let TJ Watt play well. 

If CMIII misses any significant time this D is ****ed.  Zero margin for error as has been the case the last 3-4 years.  Ugh 

True, but the reason he was #1 last year was due to injuries - Shields, Randall, Rollins all missed time or where slowed by injury. With Gunter's molasses like speed, only reason he was on the opposing #1 is because he could change direction somewhat quickly.

I think both are keepers; it's just a matter of finding spots, whether it's PS, 53, or even IR.   Clark is so raw but I love what he's shown so far with his reach and ability to pluck the ball out of tough spots. And you can't say that often about guys who are 6'6". Hill is just a gamer. Reminds me of a guy who will do anything he can to win. May not be the biggest, fastest, strongest, but his heart is huge.

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