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I love exquisitely executed food. But, then again, I'm a socialist namby pamby arugula eating hippie.

Al has the common sense view on eating that you all should see.

  • Secrets of the Fast Food world! Did you know Arby's has something called a Jamocha shake? Now you do! Thanks to Al!

  • How to be treated like a VIP at Fast Food restaurants! Get a burrito bowl instead! Twice the food to fit into your gaping maw! Thanks to Al!

  • Sage advice from "Business Al" (he's a knowledgeable and experienced businessman as well!) "This actually reminded me of all the folks who turn up their nose at Taco Bell or McDonald's, as if these companies got to be behemoths by serving 2% of the population. Why are they popular? Because their food is yummy." Yummy, Al, Yummy indeed.

  • Weirded out about eating horse? DON'T BE! "I listened to some of our local morning show on my way to an appointment this morning, and they too wondered what the big deal was about eating horse. Several callers reported having tried it, one described it as tasting like a "mild venison" and another said it was very tasty.

    One of the hosts said he didn't think we'd ever get to the point of eating dogs and cats, but he thinks we'll eventually see other meats, like horses, rabbits, and so on far more accepted. Other callers spoke of having eaten squirrel, rabbit, possum, raccoon. None were worse for wear afterwards.

    I agree, and think with all the "foodies" and specialty eats in our culture, like microbrews and micro wineries, we're probably not that far away from a cooking show that features regional, off the beaten path foods." Think horse is bad for you? NEIGH! Thanks to Al!

  • STOP PAYING MORE MONEY FOR BONES! BONES ARE NO GOOD! "I refuse to buy roasts or steak with a bone, because I don't like paying for something I cannot eat" Flavor is overrated! Thanks to Al!

  • BONES BAD PART 2 For my money, chicken wings are too messy anyway. I make them once in a while on the grill, and sit by myself at the kitchen table and eat, with a roll of paper towels. We always order the "boneless" version when we're out. Thanks to Al!

  • Are you paying too much money for actual crab? Listen to Al, crab is for Elitists! "One thing I often make for myself if I'm not low carbing it is mashed potatoes with some type of seafood...I've used shrimp, but I prefer scallops or crab (I actually like the imitation crab more than the real thing), and then I put in a bit of bacon. It's simple, but tasty." MMM. KRABBY! Thanks to Al!

    Just a start to this new forum dedicated to the most brilliant man on earth. Just ask him!
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    Originally posted by CAPackFan95:
  • Sage advice from "Business Al" (he's a knowledgeable and experienced businessman as well!) "This actually reminded me of all the folks who turn up their nose at Taco Bell..."

  • I for one do not appreciate this attempt to belittle Taco Bell, a corporate leader in helping to save us from ourselves.

    Taco Bell.
    Monday, February 18, 2013 (2/18/2013 11:46:00 PM) - Al

    Busiest day on Ramblings in the past month...if anyone knows why (for instance, if I was linked somewhere, I can only see the past hundred, and I do not see a pattern). My guess would be Gamel and many folks spending more time than usual online 'cause the boss was off today.

    I'm sure Al says
    (2/15/2013 05:05:00 PM) - Al

    Google Ad Sense provides the ads some of you see at the top of the page. Ramblings get paid based on how many people visit the site that do not have ad blocking software. I understand why many have this software, some sites are nearly impossible to navigate without it. I have a simple request, if you use adblock, click on your "tools" box and tell it to allow Ramblings to display ads... as far as I know, it will not affect your enjoyment (if it does, please write, as I do not put ads between posts for this very reason) of the site. I obviously will not know if you choose to do this, but if you do, thank you.

    I use adblock.

    And, nothing will affect my enjoyment of the site Al, unless you stop posting your brilliance.
    Looks like Al is off today, so we could be in for a plethora of intellectual gems.

    (2/22/2013 12:52:00 PM) - Al

    I was just looking for something in our pantry, and came across a box of unopened Booberry cereal. I bought it at Halloween time in 2005 or 2006, as it's "best by" date is Jan 2007. So, it's time for a will it taste?

    What condition will the Booberry cereal be in?
    Visible signs of age, such as mold, bugs, etc.
    Probably be stale, but very edible.
    Not as good as fresh, but pretty close.
    Can't tell the difference between this and a box right off the shelf.

    FYI, I also found some soft granola bars that were "best before" Sept 2011...taste like I just bought them yesterday.

    Expiration labels are for pussies. I don't understand why people think that 4-month-old milk is bad for you. Probably because of the old media and their lies. It's a little chunky and smelly, but I like to think of it as my Freedom Cocktail. I wash it down with a Krab sandwich on bread from 2006.
    If someone told me they knew of an adult over the age of 40 that found a hidden 8 year old box of unopened Booberry cereal in their pantry, ate it for the simple sake of seeing if it was still good 5 years after the "best by" date, then posted about it in a public forum...

    Even if you were to lie it would be virtually impossible to portay another human being as a bigger loser than the Booberry story.
    Of course, Boo Berry is usually eaten with milk, as with most cereal. Once I put milk on it, not only was the cereal delicious, the moisture seemed to rehydrate the marshmallows.

    This is why I need a life coach. No one in the old media told me to put milk on my cereal, or that it would rehydrate it. I've been tearing up the roof of my mouth eating dry Capt Crunch when all this time I could have added milk.