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K. Middleton Fadeaway Jump Shot (20 PTS)

Bucks up 76-60 with 6:38 in the 3rd quarter.

Since then ,it's been about 12 minutes playing against a team with ONE threat, and it's been a 39-22 run by the Nets. They have no one to guard Giannis. Harden can't move laterally, and our offense seems to be to have Holiday throw up airballs. Bud's been bad, but Holiday has completely shrunk when it's mattered most

Bud allowed the Nets back in the game by allowing Durant to attack Lopez. I am almost catatonic.

@MNPackman posted:

The Bucks lose this game the series is over.

It will go 7 games. The Bucks will win in Milwaukee on Thursday and then lose by double digits in Game 7 in Brooklyn.

I can't say I'm surprised. This is actually what I expected. I mean, it's the Bud Bucks and this game is a perfect metaphor for his whole tenure in Milwaukee. Look great in the beginning. Look like you are about to run away from everybody It continues into the second half, but then they fall apart.

It sucks that they exit the playoffs early yet again. I’m glad I’m not as invested in sports as I used to be, but it’s still disappointing. Maybe the Brewers can do something? Badgers? Jordan Love Packers?