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I think Jack Coan got just about everything out of his God given (or innate if you prefer) talent this season.

He made one real mistake all year - the interception against Illinois and even that was just as much a good play by that LB getting a nice drop and timing his jump to make the play. 

He didn't lose any games by making mistakes and you could argue he won the second most critical game all year with great throws against Minnesota 

They played great the first half and completely shit the bed the 2nd half. I don't give a fuck how many 5 star recruits are on the other team, you outplayed them the first half. I never said their season was bad. Now just have to see what bowl game they get in the popularity contest.


Apologies for jumping on you during the game. Your’re a fan and I’m sure you wanted the kids to win as much as I did. I think the term “choke” would have been appropriate against Illinois, but not against the #1 team. Anyway, go Bucky.

They got beat up badly on both lines in the second half after owning them in the first. Really just came down to that- the Badgers have talent, and Chryst came out with a great game plan. But it all went south after the lines started failing, and from I could tell the Buckeyes just turned it up a notch. Kudos to the Badgers for being the only team all season to give them a scare. 

The shit part of this is now Taylor is gone, and they have enough talent everywhere else to be a real contender in 2020. That stellar freshman class will be one year in developmentally and they cannot sit Mertz another year. But there isn’t a RB with Taylor’s gifts waiting in the wings, so they’re going to take a step back running the ball. The lack of TE depth/talent needs to be addressed, as well. 

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