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@pkr_north posted:

this game tells us nothing if they win, I would say next week vs SF is the litmus test.  I expect them to win, but all the particulars are up in the air, they could come out and light it up, or they could win by 1, no faith in the particulars.

The Lions have one of the worst defenses in the league and lost one of their starting CBs for the year in the first game. I don't see any issues putting up points on them.

As bad as the Lions defense is, their offense has even less talent. Win or lose if the Packers defense struggles against the Lions, it's an indication it is likely to be a long season. They have a really good TE and not much else and now instead of having to face Stafford (who was good enough to keep games close) they face the king of the checkdown in Jared Goff.

This should be the equivalent of the Badgers playing Eastern Michigan, but I bet our defense keeps is closer than it should be.

Who would want Teddy Bongwater as even their back up QB? A stiff breeze in his direction could break his other leg. Crappy turf took care of the leg that was injured, in Minnesota. I thought he was out of football after that leg episode. I'd tell Denver to keep Chubb, too. Too bad Von Miller is so old. Hamler might be the best trade material of the three. I'd take the three first round picks, though, plus some better players from their roster.