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@ilcuqui posted:

@RapSheet: Itโ€™s not just Aaron Rodgers: The #Packers and star WR Davante Adams have broken off long-term extension talks. There are no current plans to resume them. The two sides have been negotiating for months, but they are now in a bad place, sources say. First the QB, now the No. 1 WR.

Unlike QBs, long-term contract extensions to WRs (and RBs) in their 30s don't usually end well. Greg Jennings was done as an elite WR by about age 29. Jordy Nelson was done at 31. The Falcons wanted out of Julio Jones' contract this year and he's 32.

People always want their teams to be more like the Patriots. Belichick moves on from his elite players all the time. Brady won a title last year and could still play, but he wasn't going to win in New England with their cap situation last year and BB moved on. He'd probably do it again.

This is what the Packers' FO has been working towards for 2-3 years. They intended to reset the team in 2022. D. Adams counts 16 million against the cap in 2021. If they lose him, they'll get a 3rd round pick in 2023 and 16 million in cap space. Rodgers, Z. Smith, P. Smith, and Amos are all under contract for 2022 for a total of 100 million dollars. They have about 40 million in dead cap costs if they move on from them (which could be split over 2 years) so they save 76 million in cap space if they move on from Adams, Rodgers, the two Smiths, and Amos. In 2022 these guys turn 30, 39, 30, 30, and 29 years old respectively. They've been setting this scenario (one last shot) for years and they are going to stick to it. It's a very Patriots approach. They plan to have a mediocre year in 2022 while Love learns the ropes, maybe get another comp pick for Adams, end up getting picks for Rodgers and maybe the others, and then plan on ramping up from those picks in 2023, and then be a title contender again in 2024. It makes good business sense, but it's hard as a fan and it's pissed Rodgers off to no end because it looks like the Packers played him all along (not expecting them to draft his replacement so soon).

Except those guys make you title contenders right now and they risk it on the plan for the future believing they'll get the same results. 

They are literally throwing away a chance at a Super Bowl now to force Love into place. 

The good business part comes in if you know you don't have enough surrounding pieces to make those contracts worthwhile.  The Packers are couple moves away on defense and they have a legit chance over the next couple of years. 

If they go ahead with this numbskull plan they are literally throwing away legit opportunities to win it all on a fucking ego project that may completely fail.  But if their two biggest stars that make the offense run are fucking sick of the asshole FO clowns probably scrapping the fucking team makes sense.