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Ankle still bothering Davante

After a year and a half, Adams ranks 12th among all the entire class of 2014 wide receivers with 70 receptions, 13th in yards (768) and tied for 14th in touchdowns (three).

"He's a strong, hard runner in the vein of Dez Bryant," an NFC personnel man said Tuesday. "That has ways to affect DBs as equally as speed. He's got good quickness. It's just the long speed.

"This is his second year. I think he has the potential to grow into being a good player. Those guys (Jennings, Nelson, Cobb) are a different level, but Jordy wasn't Jordy in his first couple years. It does take time."

Jennings had the worst drop rate (8.1%) of his Packers' career in his second season. In his Year 2, Nelson sprained a knee and was relegated to No. 4. Jones' second year was a downer due to a recurring knee injury, erratic hands and negligible run after the catch.

"He's hit the bump in the road," said Van Pelt. "It's a crossroads for him. He's got to toughen up, get mentally tougher and make the plays that are there for him to make.

"I wasn't there but I hear talk of 'J.J.' (Jones) in his second year having the drops. Guys have that. It's part of the growth process.

I think it's an important reminder that in their second years, Jordy, Jennings, and JJ all had some pretty mediocre years. As explained above. Still, here's a look at the rookie WR's since 2014:

How Class of 2014 WRs Stacks Up

In order, here are the career statistics for the first 12 wide receivers selected in the 2014 draft plus other productive players.

Name, TeamG-GSNo.Yds.Avg.TD
1-4Sammy Watkins, Buf24-24961,508    15.7    11
1-7Mike Evans, TB25-24    117   1,84015.714
1-12Odell Beckham, NYG23-221632,31014.221
1-20Brandin Cooks, NO21-161081,28611.99
1-28Kelvin Benjamin, Car16-15731,00813.89
2-39Marqise Lee, Jax18-84247311.31
2-42Jordan Matthews, Phi27-171251,49712.011
2-45Paul Richardson, Sea16-63031110.41
2-53Davante Adams, GB    24-19   70    768     11.0  3
2-56Cody Latimer, Den18-188210.21
2-61Allen Robinson, Jax21-191031,47514.310
2-63Jarvis Landry, Mia27-211601,5749.89
3-90Donte Moncrief, Ind27-9841,02812.28
3-91John Brown, Ari26-12931,40015.19
4-118Martavis Bryant, Pit16-5531,05820.013
FAWillie Snead, NO11-54567615.03
FAAllen Hurns, Jax27-19991,43514.313
FACorey Brown, Car22-113852913.95

That he was still injured this last game was obvious to anyone watching the game.

That the coaches left him in there useless like that is the part that needs a spotlight right now.  As in RIGHT NOW.  It is either on the coaches for not seeing it or accepting it, or on the sheer ineptitude of his backup.  

Either way, trotting him back out there to watch him literally trot around again should not even be an option right now.

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Anyone thinking Adams flat out sucks and was "only OK" last year needs to watch him vs. NE and DAL.  No mediocre WR has days like that.  "oh but what about the other games? "  He was a rook for chrissake.   He's young, he's still developing and now he's injured.  We'll see next season.  Like most good players, he surprised some defenders last year as a rook, they now know how to defend him, and he has to develop a counter to those punches.  On top of that he was thrusted into the #2 slot.  He's been brutal but that's not unusual.  His struggles have been magnified by the overall dumps of the passing game.  He needs to work his way out of it.

@Tdog posted:

Which is so strange and drives me nuts cuz it's such bad technique. I see NFL CBs doing that all the time. I was taught in high school football and basketball that you open up to the offensive player. It's the only way and allows you to recover. The 180 robs you of steps and position. 

Because kids watched Darrell Revis and now watch Richard Sherman do that speed turn on basically every play. Those guys watched Deion do it every play. They could/can do it because they had/have the athleticism and most importantly the instincts to recover from being out of position normally. Itโ€™s why those guys donโ€™t get beat deep normally, but itโ€™s not something every corner can do. Sherm especially doesnโ€™t have the recovery speed if heโ€™s beaten deep, which Iโ€™m sure is why he does it, but he has amazing instincts to recover before QBs not named Rodgers can beat him underneath. Most CBs, like King, donโ€™t have that and do get beat.

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Best receiver in GB since Sterling Sharpe? He and Jordy are kind of 1a/1b IMO, they both do things better than the other one, but overall I'm not sure it's fair to say one is better than the other. I think Adams is a more naturally gifted athlete and with better instincts, but Jordy was a more reliable.