ChilliJon posted:

Yes. Iโ€™d watch Robin Roberts. Sheโ€™s put in a half life of sports work and been through hell and back personally. As has her family. Thatโ€™s one tough as titanium screws reporter. Robin is as good as it gets. 

I think ABCs coverage is going to be more of an entertainment event than just a helmet hair pontification of the players.  I guess the main cast is also going to be the ESPN college game day crew.  I might watch that as something different.

Chongo posted:
ChilliJon posted:

Hell or high water. Andy Isabella will be a Patriot by Sunday. 5โ€™10โ€ WR with silly speed and totally fearless at WR. 

My draft sleeper. Kids going to be a star. 

They drafted Berrios from Miami a couple years ago for that reason. Not sure AI to NE is a done deal.

NE picked N'Keal Harry with the last pick of Round 1. Tall WR who can go up to get the ball. Do you think they will go for Isabella later on with Harry in their fold?

Goldie posted:

Would the Pack want Rosen from Arizona???  he unfollowed his Arizona Cardinals after they drafted pink suit man.  Just asking.  Is Rosen any good??

A lot of Rosen's problems last season stemmed from bad protection from the Arizona O Line. He has a good arm and could be really good in Miami if Miami gives him the protection he needs. Here's to the Dolphins kicking NE butt this season!

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