Yeah, this joint practice was not a good idea.

Agreed on the Prisco take.  It really would need to be a 2010 type scenario with the right pieces kicking in at the right time.  Too many unknowns with a new offense and new faces.

I do think the defense is going to be a lot of fun though.  A team can go quite a ways on a solid defense.

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Trophies posted:

Pretty funny. I mean, the dude has been on the team for a week... 

That whole Division II stuff was such a weak argument. Do you know how many top NFL players came from Division II or lower?

Kahlil Mack
Carson Wentz
Ben Roethlisberger
Danny Woodhead
Adam Vinatieri
Malcolm Butler
Tyreek Hill
Walter Payton
Gene Upshaw
Darrell Green
Nick Collins
Kurt Warner
Phil Simms
Jerry Rice
Terrell Davis
Richard Dent
Clyde Simmons
Michael Strahan
Charles Haley
Brett Favre...

There are a bunch more...

Sam Mills
Everson Walls
Eugene Robinson
Rodney Harrison
Nate Newton
Adam Timmerman



Terrell Davis went to Georgia.  Collins played for Bethune Cookman, Div1.  That's just at a glance.  Pretty sure you better check your bullshit list. 

Let's make this 100% clear.  It has nothing to do the player or the division said player was in.  It's your over the top, cry to for Ritalin spamming of every player being a HOFer in the first week of August.   Settle the **** down.

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Timmy! posted:

Now that Spriggs is gone, the depth chart at RT looks woefully thin. I hope Light can swing both sides.
Linsley's injury is a bit concerning, as well. I don't think we have a 'natural' C other than him; the depth chart shows McCray and Madison as backups. Not sure I can trust McCray, unless he plays better at C than at G.

Hope Linsley is ok, but Jenkins was a standout C in college even though GB drafted him as a potential guard. 

Tdog posted:

me thinks Pete is smoking a lil too much green and gold...
I'm all for some optimism but he's overboard

I'm actually feeling very good about this team.  I think they'll struggle in the first quarter of the season, especially adapting to a new offensive system with away games at two division rivals weeks one and two, but I think they'll be a team nobody wants to play by season's end.  The depth is so much better, the defense is way better, and with a solid o-line (have to stay healthy), great depth and emerging talent at receiver and RB, and they have a HOF QB bent on showing experts his skills are not diminishing as some have written.  If they can gain a split in their first two games, they'll be on their way. 

Count me as cautiously optimistic.  The one thing that makes me a little bit pessimistic is that some key guys that will start are somewhat injury prone.  A few injuries to guys like Aaron Jones, Kevin King, Corey Linsley, Bryan Bulaga, and most importantly #12 not being 100% will dampen optimism in a hurry.  #12 is the most important, we need a healthier version of him this year than we saw the last part of 2017 and basically all of 2018. 

mrtundra posted:
Henry posted:
Timmy! posted:
michiganjoe posted:

Also a reverse Shitbird.

Don't be a shitbird, Lonnie!


I'm assuming Lonnie will play tomorrow in the game......I wonder if there will be any type of retaliation from our guys.  I hope not, at least nothing cheap or dirty.

YooperPackfan posted:
Trophies posted:


I would not mind Gutes picking up a starting caliber OT during roster cuts or in trade. 

Yes because teams out there just have starting caliber OT’s laying around for disposal

Wtf? Cap casualties. Happens all the time. Like, every year, serviceable veterans cut to save dough. I know that you know this too  

Jason Peters would have been such a bad pickup for us last year. While he may have been coming off an ACL, do you mean you wouldn’t want him as a backup this year? He did play in 16 games. Heading into 2019, at 36 yrs old, he’s still ranked #7 overall by PFF.

Adding a player who simply can start in a backup role at roster cut is pure madness. What was I thinking?

I did say β€œor in trade.”

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michiganjoe posted:

Pete's a bit more optimistic overall than I am about the team, but I agree completely here.

Same here I for the first time in a long time have a ton of optimism for the defense.  Going in to this year I am keeping my expectations down that way I am not let down if they suck and if they do well I am that much happier.


And I watched a whole 10 minutes of tape.

DH13 posted:

We all know Boyle throws a better ball.  But we saw this last year too.  He looks great vs the 3rd stringers in the second half but goes turd burning vs the 1's when he has to read defenses and actually play QB.  I hope he's developed that part of his game.

That's why it would be nice to see him at least get consistent work with 2's.  Kizer is jumpy as shit.  If he would calm down maybe he could use his talents better.  He doesn't throw very well on the run either.